Breaking Up With My Book Boyfriends

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and came across a post from one of my bookstagramer buddies. She had complied several memes to describe herself. I was humored by the effort and accuracy of said memes and found the majority of them relatable. However, one of the memes she chose to describe herself made me think and question my life.

This meme was somewhere along the lines of those “single, taken, mentally dating a fictional character” graphics. For years I have joked about how I only date superheroes and have ranted about all of my “book boyfriends.” But that was when I was single.

I found myself staring at this meme. I backtracked. I questioned my life. My future. 

“I’m in a real actual legit relationship with a real actual legit boy.” My thoughts raced around my head like overactive clockworks. “Like…an actual living breathing walking talking person and we have an actual mutual interest in each other.”

What did this mean? Was I suddenly one of the only bookstagramers that wasn’t allowed a book boyfriend now? Could I no longer comment “lol, totally relatable” when others fangirls posted about their relationship with a fictional character? I was in a real crisis!

With these thoughts lurking in the back of my mind, I inevitably moved on with my life. However, these trying questions were raised to the surface again soon.

My boyfriend and I were at an arcade, ready to cash in out points for a prize. Naturally, I considered getting a Funko Pop and immediately made a beeline for them.

“Look! Poe Dameron!” I squealed with pleasure at the sight of the Star Wars pilot’s figure.

With barely any hesitation, my boyfriend rolled his eyes, walked right toward the POP in question, and punched the box. Right in Poe Dameron’s expressionless collectible face.

Scandalized, I watched in shock. My boo? Punching my fictional boo?! Wait, no…I can’t have TWO boos…?! 

I laughed off the violent act towards the Star Wars memorabilia and instead redeemed my points for a coffee mug.

But those troubling thoughts were polluting my innocent book brain.

“You love him. You’re betraying him, Scarlett!”

“It’s too bad you can’t swoon over those fictional characters anymore. It used to be so much fun.

“Tom Hiddleston is wearing a suit and sunglasses. Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look. Ugh! You traitor.”

This is obviously silliness of the highest sort. The love I have for my boyfriend can never be felt for a person who does not exist. It is legitimately impossible. My boyfriend and I have the same great Creator and are connected together by more than emotions. A character has an imperfect human creator and has no real connection to me, emotionally or otherwise. 

That being said, my crisis was soon put to rest. My boyfriend knew what he was signings up for before the new Six of Crows book came out. He had already heard me go on and on about Kaz Brekker. He knew how much I loved Sherlock Holmes. That is one of the things he loves about me. Weirdly. Strangely. Questionably. Yes, he actually said that my ranting was “cute” and finds my attachment to fiction “adorable.” I mean, who would have thought?

Out of respect for him, I can’t fantasize about these men or put unrealistic expectations on my boyfriend. The closest I’ll ever get to that is forcing him to wear a Eugene Fitzherbert T-shirt. But when my heart get the feels whenever I get to that one chapter of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I no longer go into a book nerd crisis. Instead I enjoy the moment and give my boyfriend and extra long hug later.

5 Uncommon Books Harry Potter Fans Will Love

Once you’ve finished the Harry Potter series, you feel the desperate need to read it again. And again. And again. And then you read The Cursed Child. And then the Hogwarts Library. And then the Fantastic Beasts screenplays. Eventually you will run out of good Harry Potter related reading material.

But that does not mean you have to stop there. I know the desperate need to find a new world to join and love just as much as the Wizarding World.

Of course, you can read Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia just like everyone else. But there are some lesser known books that anyone who enjoys Harry Potter will find solace in just as much.


Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend is easily my third favorite book of all time. Just like the separation of the Wizard and Muggle worlds, the world of Nevermoor is split.

Morrigan Crow, like Harry Potter, is an normal child save for one thing. She is doomed to die on her eleventh birthday. And, like Harry, a mysterious stranger comes to her aid, Jupiter North. Jupiter takes Morrigan away from the dull and corrupt Wintersea Rublic to the wonderfully crazy Free State city of Nevermoor.

However, she has her own Voldemort pursuing her, the Wundersmith. Nevermoor has two books that succeed it and Townsend is still working on the series, so there is lots to look forward to.

The Night Circus

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is more of a mature read than Harry Potter but I still believe Wizarding World lovers will enjoy it.

Just like Rowling’s unique take on magic, Morgenstern has taken it to the next level. Magic exists, yes, but magicians hide amongst ordinary people. The magicians parade their gifts as mere conjuring tricks but do not need smoke and mirrors to create illusion. Two young people, Celia and Marco, youths with the gift of sorcery, have been bound together from a young age by their guardians. This bond has them playing their lives like a chess match, seeing who can outshine the other in a contest of magical prowess.

The Night Circus is the board and they are the players…or are they the pawns?

The Grishaverse

Just as Rowling crafted her own world, large as life, Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse is as real as Hogwarts.

Magic and normalcy are collided in the same steampunk/fantasy land. Grisha are men and women who can harness the power of elements. While they live amongst normal people they are often either praised or punished for their magic. Many Grisha hide their abilities and some do not even know the power is theirs. Three series and have been written in the Grishaverse so far, Shadow and BoneSix of Crows, and King of Scars.

I read Six of Crows before Shadow and Bone by accident, but I would advise reading the series in order, even if the former is so much better.

The Inquisitior’s Tale

The Inquisitor’s Tale or Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog by Adam Gidwitz is by far the most hilarious book on this list.

Set in the Middle Ages, Jeanne, Jacob, and William are the Medieval equivalent of the Golden Trio…plus a dog. Tales and folklore of magic are told and celebrated but when these three children are revealed to have miraculous abilities they are persecuted and rejected. Even threatened with burning at the stake! The story is told by a group of travelers at an inn; a Brewster, a nun, a librarian, the innkeeper, a jongleur, a chronicler, a king’s companion, a troubadour, and, of course, the Inquisitor.

The tale is original and the format unique, Potterheads of any age will love it.

The Night Gardener

Magic is not always good, as Voldemort and his Death Eaters have demonstrated. This rings true in Jonathan Axiur’s The Night Gardener.

Molly and her lame brother, Kip, are orphans and have gone to work for the Windsor’s. The Windsor’s live in a crumbling and bleak mansion in an island of woods and the family all have the same gaunt pale skin and dead black hair and eyes. But the most peculiar and ominous omen is the twisting tree that is apart of the house. Molly and Kip soon begin hearing noises in the night…loud footfalls and rustling leaves. What will the children do when the dark magic begins to overtake them as their hair and eyes darken, just like the grim Windsor’s?

What secrets are hidden in the mansion and, more importantly, the great tree that grows darker every day?

Reading these books will put you in the same magical trance that Harry Potter did, and most likely still does. Yes, they don’t have Harry, Ron, and Hermione in them but this is the opportunity to fall for new characters. I promise these books will not disappoint if you give them a chance!

Happy Christmas From Hogwarts

I’ve haven’t officially celebrated Christmas for as long as I can remember but I love the holiday season. For the majority of the Advent, people are focused on love and giving. That is something I can truly appreciate. And what represents unconditional and selfless love more than James and Lily Potter? Here is what the Marauders and Co’s last Christmas at Hogwarts looked like, right before they graduated, began their fight against evil, and gave their lives for what they believed and loved…

Snow was falling outside, drifting lazily onto the almost silent Hogwarts grounds. It was the weekend and most of the students were inside the castle, busy getting ready to go to Hogsmead before they went home for the Christmas holidays. The silence outside was almost perfect…


Making his way hastily to the giant oak doors of Hogwarts and swinging his head wildly back and forth to dislodge the amounts of snow that rested on it, James Potter ran into the school. Rushing through the halls, still chill from the freezing temperatures, he made his way to Gryffindor tower, and shouted the password (Humbug) in a voice that was higher than per usual. 

Climbing through the portrait hole and dashing into the room filled with student in black robes and crimson and gold ties, he called out for all to hear,


Most of his fellow Hogwarts students ignored him. Odd behavior had become something to expect from the seventeen year old Potter boy. James’ friends, however, spared him a half glance.

“Nice to hear you finally admit it,” Remus Lupin commented with a bemused smile, returning his full attention to the large castle he was making from Muggle cards.

James walked over to where his friends were sitting, “I’m not kidding! Moony, Marlene, I really need your help!”

Marlene McKinnon raised an eyebrow. Having been previously transfixed on Remus’ card castle progress, James needing her help was something she hadn’t been expecting.

“Woah there, Prongs!” Sirius Black called in an mock offended tone. He too was building a (much sloppier) card castle, but out of Exploding Snap cards to rival Remus’. “Just Moony and Marlene? How come I’m excluded in your hour of need?”

“Yeah, and me!” Peter Pettigrew piped in.

“You couldn’t help a flobberworm cross a street, Wormy,” Sirius chuckled.

“Sirius…” Remus chastised in a cautionary voice.

“Just kidding, sorry!” Though he didn’t sound sorry at all.

James acknowledged his best friend. “Mate, you’re dead useful for a lot of things…but this isn’t gonna be one of them.”

“What’s your problem, James?” Marlene asked, getting up from where she sat next to Remus and plopping onto a plush bean chair nearby.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Asked Remus. “It’s Lily.”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Of course.”

James’ face soured. “Hey, hey, now, you can’t just…stereotype me like that. My life does not revolve around that gorgeous red-headed angel of beauty and grace!”

A moment of silence passed. Remus, Marlene, Sirius, and Peter all nodded in agreement. “It’s Lily.”

“Okay, so what? It is Lily!”

“What did you do this time?” Sirius asked.


“That is highly unlikely.”

“No, really, I did nothing!” James whined. “Don’t you see? That’s the problem!”

“No, we don’t see,” Remus said with long suffering, “But if you explain, then we will.”

James opened his mouth to tell them all of the Terrible Horrible No Good Absolutely Troll thing he had done, but before he could say a word, Sirius’ tower of cards exploded in both his, Remus, and Peter’s faces. 

Once the had smoke cleared, once James and Marleen had stifled their laughter, and once the three soot covered boys had coughed up the ash that had made its way inside their mouths and noses, Remus cast a disgruntled look at his own card tower, knocked over from the explosion.

“I still win,” he said, glaring at Sirius.

“You…did what?” 

Remus, Sirius, Peter, Marlene, joined by Mary Macdonald and Frank Longbottom, had their mouths hanging open, starring with wide eyes at James. The boy himself, was looking away from their gazes.

“Oh, come on, you know me! Does it really surprise you?”

“Yeah, actually it does!” Sirius said, his left eye twitching. “How in Merlin’s name could you do something like that?! After all these years?”

Mary nodded, “Even wouldn’t dream you’d be that thoughtless…and I’m not exactly your biggest fan.”

“Don’t beat him up,” Remus said, looking around at his classmates, “I’m sure he feels the pains of what he’s done…I mean what he hasn’t done.”

“I do! But you guys-“ He was interrupted by a loud and forced cough from Marlene, “-and girls, have gotta help me fix it!”

“Can it be fixed though?” Peter asked. “It’s a little late for it now…and if it’s for Lily…”

“Of course it can be fixed!” Frank said, but the fake optimism was obvious. “We still have…twenty four hours before the train leaves?”

“Nineteen, actually,” Remus corrected.

James buried his face in a maroon pillow. “Lily is going to kill me!”

“And why is that?” 

All seven teenagers froze; Sirius in a sort of half grimace-half smirk, Frank in a too-wide smile, Marlene in a strange startled stance, Peter looked like he was about to run from the scene of the crime, Remus had his mouth half open and his eyes wide, and James…James’ face was still half buried in the pillow but what could be seen of his eyes were filled with pure terror.

Frank was the first one to brave moving. “Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy, Lily………”

Lily Evans, her lips pursed together in a thin line and a hand on her hip, looked down at the guilty party. “Okay, fess up, what are you all doing?”

“NOTHING!” They all said in unison, save for James who was still in his statuesque state. 

“James? Explanation, please,” she moved her head down and to the side so as to see her boyfriend better. “Why did you say I’m going to kill you? What have you done?” 

James looked at Sirius in fear for a brief second and then turned to face Lily. “Haha, the usual, you know?”

She smiled sternly (how can you smile sternly? Only Lily Evans and Minerva McGonagall shall ever know.) “Hmm…” she eyed him suspiciously. “I would be worried but Mary and Frank are here so…” she looked at the two in question. 

Mary waved a dismissive hand, “Oh, James was just telling us a prank he was planning to do on Lockhart. Sirius here,” she thrust her thumb in Sirius’ direction, “thought that we should get you involved without your knowledge. But James shot it down…like the good boyfriend he is.” 

Everyone looked at Mary with surprise. The lie had flowed so easily from her mouth…it sounded like it might actually be true. 

Lily cast her eyes on Sirius, “You know how I feel about your mindless pranks.” 

Sirius grinned sheepishly. “It was worth a shot-hey! Our pranks are anything but mindless! Do you know the effort we put in those things! It takes a lot of brain work to still be original after seven years of mischief making! And with all the-“

The words were cut off by Remus slapping his hand across Sirius’ mouth. “He means he’s sorry.”

“Nawideeont!” Sirius’ muffled voice said from behind Remus’ hand.

That made Lily laugh. “Thanks, James,” she said as she pressed a kiss on the top of his forehead. “Hey, you want to get on Slughorn’s homework now? I know you aren’t going to do it if I’m not watching you like a hawk.”

James, jumping at the change of subject, smiled back at her. “Yeah…yeah! Totally! To the library then, milady?” He stood up and bowed to Lily, who rolled her eyes.

“After you, sir,” she giggled and waved back at the others. “See you guys!”

The Gryffindors watched Lily and James leave. Before they were out of sight, James mouthed HELP ME. Once they had left the common room, Remus removed his hand from Sirius’ mouth and asked, “To Hogsmead then?”

“To Hogsmead,” they all agreed.

“I can’t believe James didn’t get her a Christmas present,” Peter said a little too loudly.



“It’s freezing out here!” Mary said, rubbing her arms for warmth. “I say we let James face the consequences of his actions and go back to the castle and warm up.” 

The Marauders & Co. had arrived in Hogsmead which was a fair bit colder than Hogwarts. The snow was thinner however, having been trod on by countless of holiday shoppers. There were hundreds of Hogwarts students that could be seen through the shop windows, buying last minute Christmas presents before the trip home the next day. 

Frank was at the head of the group, leading them down the cobblestone path. “We can’t just ditch James…he’d be really disappointed if he wasn’t able to give Lily a present this year. I mean, now that she’s agreed to finally go out with him.” He took off his outer coat and offered it to Mary. “If your cold, you can take this. I don’t really need it.”

Mary placed a hand on her heart and said in a girlie pitch, “Aww, Frank, that is so sweet!” She cast a glance at Marlene.

Marlene shivered and look expectedly at Sirius. When he took no notice of her she bumped into him and said, “Hey, I’m cold too!”

He glanced at her in confusion, “Marlene, I can’t control the weather.”

Remus rolled his eyes, took off his own coat and gave it to Marlene. “Let’s start at Honeyduke’s. I don’t think we’ll find the ‘perfect’ gift that James specified but maybe a few filler gifts would go well?”

They all agreed enthusiastically…what kid wouldn’t take any excuse to go into candy heaven? 

Honeydukes was full of students, as always. 

“We should have waited till tonight,” Peter shouted over the loud chatter of students and constant ringing the entry bell. “The we could have gotten Lily something without all the crowds!”

“Honeydukes isn’t open at night, Wormy!” Sirius pointed out. 


They became inevitably separated in the large store. 

Marlene found herself in the dangerous sweets isle, and she bought several acid pops to give to her younger brother…just for fun. Frank and Mary had rather wisely gone back outside to sit and wait for the rest of the group. Sirius was trying his best to find any kind of prank-like sweet…but he decided he’d have to wait until Zonko’s. Peter got lost. And Remus…You know the expression “like a kid in a candy store”? Well try this one, “like Remus Lupin in Honeydukes.”

Remus made his way to the front counter with a great amount of difficulty. The shop boy took one look at him and called over his shoulder, “Hey! It’s Crazy Chocolate Guy!”

“I do have a name,” Remus mumbled. 

A large woman walked over to the counter and the shop boy left to help other customers. “Well, what can I do for you…again?”

“Do you have any new shipments?” Remus asked with a polite smile.

“You cleared us out of the Caramel Dark Chocolate Brownie Fudge Toffee Bars. I can put you on the waiting list though.” 

“Oh, no thank you, ma’am, I’m stocked up for the holidays. But I would like to know if there are any candies that haven’t been released into the main shop yet.” 

The woman smiled. “And why would I let you purchase what I haven’t made public to my own shop?”

“Because…I’m your best customer?” He said hopefully. 

She considered him in amusement for a second and then she told him to wait a moment. Remus decided that if she was getting what he thought she was getting, he would buy himself a victory slab of Pumpkin Spice Caramel Marbled Creme Chocolate…or maybe a victory crate…

“So, what’ve we got?” Mary asked, rubbing her gloved hands together at the sight of their shopping bags.

“Acid pops!” Shouted Marlene, waving her bag high in the air.

Mary exchanged glances with Frank. “Er…” Frank winced, “you bought acid pops…for Lily Evans?”

“Pfft, no, stupid! For my annoying little brother. Why would I get them for Lily?”

“Well, seeing as you were supposed to buy Lily some stocking stuffers…” Frank trailed off.

Marlene slapped her forehead. “Oh, Merlin, I forgot!”

Sirius looked down at his bags. “Me too.”

“I got her a candy cane…” Peter said.

“So you guys didn’t get her anything?” Mary said, shaking her head.


Everyone turned to Remus who had spoken. He carried two large crates in his hands. “You think this is all for me?” 

“Yes,” Sirius said looking at the bulging boxes.

“Very funny. Not even I could eat this much chocolate by myself.” 

Peter scratched his head, “I’m pretty sure you could.”

Remus did a mental face palm (seeing as his physical palms were full of chocolate). “Anyways, we are covered on sweets. I got her the new Strawberry Bourbon Mousse White Chocolate bars…they aren’t supposed to be released until February. And James now owes me five galleons.” 

“Impressive!” Mary gave him a small round of applause.

“Where to now?” Peter asked.

“Zonko’s!” Sirius said. 

“The bookstore!” Remus said.

“What?” They both asked each other.

“Bookstores are so BORING!” 

“Lily hates Zonko’s, Padfoot.”

“She doesn’t hate it, she said so herself!”

“Right, I think the word she used was ‘deplore.’”

“Which isn’t the same as hate!”

“Your grasp on vocabulary is obviously lacking.”

“Girls, girls, you’re both pretty!” Marlene interceded. “We aren’t going to Zonko’s or the bookstore. I think Lily definitely doesn’t want dungbombs or books from her boyfriend.”

“But Lily loves to read,” Frank commented.

“Yeah, because she’s weird like that, but if we got her books it’d be obvious that James didn’t buy them. He would rather be caught in a Slytherin uniform than in a bookstore.”

Remus nodded, “True enough.”

Sirius kicked a pile of snow. “But I wanna go to Zonko’s.”

“You can go later, okay?” Mary offered. “What’s in those bags anyway?” She leaned over to try and peak inside Sirius’ Honeydukes bags.

Sirius snatched them away from her. “Hey! I need to shop for Christmas presents too!”

Several hours later, the Gryffindors were dropping off. After they had bought Lily a year long self-refillable Butterbeer glass from the Three Broomsticks (James now owed them eight galleons and three sickles), Mary gave Frank his coat back and said she needed to finish some homework back at the castle. A fourth of the way down an especially long detour they had taken so Remus didn’t have to pass the Shrieking Shack, Peter complained that his legs were getting tired and he headed back. Finally, after they had bought Lily an advanced potions kit (complete with unicorn hair and a golden cauldron…James now owed them sixteen galleons, seven sickles, and three knuts) Marlene said that she had to meet up with Dorcas Meadows.

“You think we got enough?” Frank asked, sitting down in the snow and resting his present laden arms.

“Duh! The only thing we didn’t buy her was the Beatles!” Sirius said.

“I don’t know…” Remus cast his eyes over the presents they had gotten for James to give to Lily. “Why do I feel we’re missing something?”

“Same,” Frank frowned.

“Missing something? You’re joshing me! We bought her more than Prince Charles gets on Christmas!” 

“I think you’re overestimating how many presents Prince Charles gets. Shush now, I need to think,” Remus put down his crates of chocolate and rested his head in his hands.

“Fine,” Sirius growled, crossing his arms the best that he could, seeing as they were covered in shopping bags.

A few seconds passed and Remus turned on Sirius, “Really? Can you stop whining? We are trying to help our best friend!”

“I didn’t say anything!”

“You kept making that noise-“

“Both of you, shh!” Frank raised his hands. “I don’t think that was Sirius you heard, Remus.”

All three boys became quiet. 

“I don’t hear anything,” Sirius whispered.

“I do,” Remus muttered leaning his head to the left, straining to hear…whatever he heard. 

Another moment passed and then Frank and Sirius heard it too, a soft mewing from a distance. 

Remus, forgetting the chocolate on the ground, jogged down the path. Frank too left behind his bags and closely followed him.

Sirius stood alone and yelled after them, “Oh, come on, your gonna make me…oh, fine!” After that he promptly dropped his bags and ran. 

Once he caught up with them, he saw Frank crouching on the ground near a tree, Remus standing over him and leaning over to see…

…a kitten.

“Merlin,” Sirius muttered. “It’s a cat!”

“Yeah, we can see that, Padfoot,” Remus chuckled, still looking at the small animal. “So stay over there and don’t scare it away.”

“I’m not going to scare it.”

“Yeah, you would, Padfoot.” He put emphasis on the last word.

Oh, right, I’m a dog. Sirius remembered. He almost reminded Remus that he was a werewolf and could scare the kitten too, but he thought it best to let it slide.

“It doesn’t have a collar,” Frank said. “And it’s really skinny,” he looked up at them, “Guys, I think it’s abandoned.” 

“Aww,” Remus and Sirius fawned in unison.

Frank picked up the kitten and brushed some snow off of it. He smirked knowingly at Remus who nodded back in agreement.

“Well, great we got a free kitten.” Sirius said. “But we still got to find Lily another present, according to you two overachievers!” 

Frank and Remus blinked at Sirius. 


“Merry Christmas, idiots!” 

“Sirius Orion Black, if you drop that dungbomb-“

And that is how they ended up spending Christmas in the Transfiguration classroom.

The majority of the seventh year students had stayed at Hogwarts for the holidays. For the most part, sentiment had gotten the better of them…it would be their last Christmas at Hogwarts.

Lily had planned to invite James over to her family’s house for Christmas, which is why he had panicked last minute, but received a letter from her mother saying that Lily’s sister, Petunia, was having her boyfriend over as well.

Needless to say, Lily changed her mind. 

Since James was staying, Sirius was staying too. Remus had to stay (the full moon was the day after Christmas) but would have chosen to celebrate with his friends anyway. And Peter was staying because everyone else was.

Minerva McGonagall had decorated her classroom spectacularly for the occasion. Taking into consideration that this particular body of students could get into all kinds of trouble, she thought it best to supervise them. And since Sirius had dropped a nasty dungbomb in the common room, she had moved the festivities to her classroom. 

Under the magnificent Christmas tree, cut and hauled by Rubeus Hagrid and decorated by McGonagall and Phineas Flitwick, was a multitude of brightly colored Christmas presents. Usually the Christmas presents were delivered to the student’s dorm room but this year McGonagall had made special arrangements. Even she had to (very silently) admit that she would miss this band of misfits after they graduated.

“She’d never admit she’d miss us,” Dorcas told Lily and Mary, “But she will.”

“Ah, good ol’ Minnie!” Sirius said, startling the girls by hanging upside down in midair, “I got her something real special for Christmas.”

“You got Professor McGonagall a present?” Lily asked. “Really? You?”

“That’s really nice of you, Sirius.” Mary encouraged. “What’d you get her?”

“A basket full of dungbombs-ow!” He rubbed his head. Lily had smacked it with the new pair of shoes Mary had bought her. 

“Mr. Black, get down!” McGonagall called from across the room.

“Can’t, Minnie! It’s James that’s charmed me!” 

“Here you go!” James flicked his wand and Sirius fell head first in the ground which made the Mary and Dorcas burst into laughter. Lily bit back a smile and yelled “James!” in disapproval. “Come on, over here, Padfoot!”

Sirius got up quickly, shook his mane of hair, put on his best “charming smile”, winked, and headed to where James stood.

“Hey, where’s the cat?” He asked his friends.

“Under there of course,” James pointed to the floor under the tree.

Peter panicked. “You didn’t put it in a box, did you! It needs air!”

“Don’t worry, Wormy,” Remus reassured him. “I cast a Bubble Head Charm on it and put holes in the box just in case.”

“You didn’t think we’d torture the poor thing, did you? Really, who do think we are?” James laughed. “By the way, if you just got the cat, what took you all so long when you were shopping?”

“Oh…that…well…” Sirius looked at Remus. 

“We did buy Lily a few things before we got the cat but…” Remus trailed off.

“But,” Sirius finished, “But you owe us eleven galleons and seven sickles for the stuff that got stolen.”


“We dropped our stuff to find the cat and when we came back it was gone, okay?”

“Eleven gallons…” James shook his head. He looked at each of the Marauders in turn. “You guys had better gotten me something good for Christmas!”

“We all know Wormy got us socks,” Sirius said.

“That was supposed to be a secret!” Peter said. “How’d you find out?”

“Wormtail, you’ve give us socks every year. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate them.” Remus smiled.

“What about you two, then?” James inquired. “It better be something good.”

“I think Sirius beat me this year, actually. Mine’s over there.”

James followed where Remus directed him and picked up a gift with snitches flying around the wrapping paper. “A book? Really? Haven’t you given up trying to get me to read yet?”

“Just open it, okay?”

James ripped open the paper. “Okay, this is actually cool.” It was a a collector’s copy of Quidditch Through the Ages.

Remus shrugged. “You’ve practically destroyed the copy in the library, you’ve checked it out so many times. I thought you should have your own.” 

“Thanks, man!” 

Sirius glanced over at Lily. “Looks like your girlfriend’s opening her friend’s present first. We got time. Open mine, James!” 

James obeyed, readily. “The heck is this, mate?” He held up a box containing a quill set and ink bottle. 

“Now wait a sec, that isn’t just a quill set.” Sirius said, smirking. “I nicked those from Dumbledore’s office.”

James’ mouth dropped open. “THESE ARE DUMBLEDORE’S QUILLS?!?!” He hugged the box to his chest. “I feel closer to greatness already!” 

The gift giving continued. Remus had given Sirius a collection of David Bowie albums and a book on motorcycles. Sirius had been right, Peter gave them all socks but had also thrown in a few chocolate frogs. 

“Remus, open ours now!” James said with excitement. 

“Ours?” Remus asked looking between James and Sirius. 

“We both chipped in,” Sirius said.

“Let me guess, is is chocolate?”

“Just open it.”

Remus reached under the tree to where his friends had pointed and literally had to heave the package out. “If this is chocolate, it’s a world breaking record.” He carefully opened the wrappings and was speechless.

“We bought it ages ago,” James grinned. “Got it at Dervish and Banges.” 

It was a briefcase with PROFESSOR R.J. LUPIN embossed on the side.

Sirius and James watched their friend’s reaction. “You know,” James said, “because you want to be a teacher here, right?”

“You know I’ll never be able to.” Remus said quietly.

“Never say never, Remus.” The boys turned to see Lily standing behind them. “I’m assuming the briefcase is filled with chocolate?” 

“But of course,” James leaned over Remus and opened it to reveal extensive Honeydukes sweets. When he sat up he said “Lily, it’s your turn.”

“You got me something?” She sounded surprised. “Dorcas said you would forget…in fact, everyone said you would forget.”

“Me? Forget getting you a gift for Christmas? Never!” James looked sheepishly at her and shifted his glance from his friends to Lily and back again. 

She raised an eyebrow at him. “…you did forget didn’t you?”

James’ smile faltered. “Why would you think that?”

“Mary is rubbish at keeping secrets.” 

“Busted…” Sirius muttered.

“But I remembered that I forgot!” James looked around, waiting to be complimented on his thoughtfulness. “Doesn’t that count for something? Here!”

He reached under the tree and pulled out a large box wrapped in Gryffindor colors. She eyed the box. “It isn’t from Zonko’s, is it?” 

“No!” James affirmed.

She inspected the box closer. “Are those…air holes?” She gasped and then opened the wrapping and box. “Oh, James!” 

She pulled out the kitten that Remus, Frank, and Sirius had found in Hogsmead. It mewed softly at Lily, licking at her fingers. All the girls nearby huddled around Lily and squealed with pleasure at the small creature. 

“Ooh! Lily! What are you going to name it!” Mary asked, scratching the kitten’s ears. 

“I don’t know. Is it a boy or girl, James?” She looked up at him.

“Er…no idea,” he looked at Remus. “Moony?”

He smiled, “It’s a girl, Lily.”

“Hm…what do you guys think? What should her name be?”

Names began pouring in from all directions. 


“Minnie…after McGonagall!”

“David Bowie!”

“That’s a boy’s name, Sirius.”

“It’s an epic name.”



“How about Agape?” Lily asked James.

He shrugged. “It’s your cat, name her whatever you want.” 

“What is agape?” Sirius asked, his brow knitting together.

“It’s Greek, if I’m not mistaken.” Remus informed them. “It means love. More specifically unconditional, selfless love. Usually used in terms of God’s love or the love between a parent and child.”

“That’s deep,” Marlene said.

Lily cuddled with the kitten. James watched and nodded with approval.“Agape. I think it’s a good name. I mean, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Unconditional love?”

Lily looked up at him and smiled lovingly. “Unconditional love isn’t just a Christmas thing. It should be a life long thing.”

And she was right. Agape would be life long for all of them.

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The Gift of Family In Harry Potter

“I-don’t-want-“ said Percy thickly, as the twins forced the jumper over his head, knocking his glasses askew.

“And you’re not sitting with the prefects today, either,” said George, “Christmas is a time for family.”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

I love the holiday season. Not only are the aesthetics and tastes of the season wonderful, but the spirit I feel during this time of the year is so uplifting. 

Family and gathering are a big icon of the holiday. And seeing as it’s the most wonderful time of the year, I might share a bit of how important family is through one of my favorite mediums…Harry Potter.

From the Weasley’s to the Dursley’s to the Potter’s, families of all shapes and sizes appear in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Family is an important aspect of the Wizarding World and I would like to take the time to delve into why. 

Harry Potter’s own family are gone. His mother and father died protecting him from Lord Voldemort. Just from this one example, so much context becomes available.

I feel like every reader will look at the Potter’s example of family and see the obvious – parents giving their life so that their son may live. But let me take the liberty of pointing out the maybe not-so-obvious; Voldemort’s lack of understanding of that love.

Think for a moment. Dumbledore knew exactly what Lily Potter’s sacrifice meant. He explains it all to Harry in the Philosopher’s Stone

“Your mother died to save you. If there’s one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love. He didn’t realize that love as powerful as your mothers for you leaves it’s own mark. Not a scar, no visible sign… to have been loved so deeply, even though the person who left us is gone, will give us some protection forever. It is in your very skin.”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Dumbledore knows this because he understands the magic of love and family.

Common wizards don’t know of this kind of magic. And that makes sense. But Dumbledore isn’t ordinary. He’s a great wizard. But Voldemort is a great wizard too. Dumbledore and Voldemort are two sides of the same coin, I often think. They are alike yet so very different.

Voldemort, who does not respect nor care for these values, dared to kill Lily and James. If he had any brains at all, he would have known that if he wanted to kill Harry, he couldn’t kill his parents. It’s that simple. If he had any knowledge of the magic of love, he would not risk such strong protection being transferred to his target.

But Voldemort is unable to recognize this. He does not know or understand what a family is and the love it can hold. He killed his own father and grandparents and tore apart countless families.

He corrupted himself into blindness. 

Is this a metaphor for what so many people are doing every day? So many of us humans disregard family, friends, love, and ethics, slowly at first and then steadily on, until we know longer recognize what these aspects of life truly mean. 

A large portion of this holiday spirit and season is meant to be shared with family. It’s one of the joys of Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas. However, I know a lot of people don’t feel this way. Many begrudgingly go to family Christmases and sit far away from their annoying relations as possible and stare at their phone in a shadowy corner. 

A simple act like, say, not wanting to wear your Mum’s Christmas sweater could mean so much more. 

Percy Weasley knew all the comforts of home. He had many brother’s and sisters, and a Mum and Dad who cared for him. But he became accustomed to these things. He lost sight of why they were important. 

Before I get into this, there are two examples from the Goblet of Fire I’d like to quote. Remember, at this time, Bill and Charlie are home for the Quidditch World Cup and don’t come home often. Percy no longer sees Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny every day at Hogwarts either. It is a rare thing for the whole family to be home together at once.

Just then a door on the second landing opened, and a face poked out wearing hourn-rimmed glasses and a very annoyed expression.

“Hi, Percy,” said Harry. 

“Oh hello, Harry,” said Percy. “ I was wondering who wad making all that noise. I’m trying to work in here, you know-I’ve got a report to finish for the office-and it’s rather difficult to concentrate when people keep thundering up and down the stairs.”

“We’re not thundering, said Ron irritably. “We’re walking. Sorry if we disturbed the top-secret workings of the Ministry of Magic.”

“What are you working on?” said Harry.

“A report for the Department of International Magical Cooperation,” said Percy smugly. “We’re trying to standardize cauldron thickness. Some of these foreign imports are just a shade too thin-leakages have been increasing at a rate of almost three percent a year-“

The second example comes a few pages later;

Bill and Charlie both had their wands out, and were making two battered old tables fly high above the lawn, smashing into each other, each attempting to knock the others out of air. Fred and George cheering, Ginny was laughing, and Hermione was hovering near the hedge apparently torn between amusement and anxiety.

Bills table caught Charlie’s with a huge bang and knocked one of its legs off. There was a clatter from overhead, and they all looked up to see Percy‘s head poking out of window on the second floor.

“Will you keep it down?!” he bellowed.

“Sorry, Percy,” said Bill, grinning. “How’re the cauldron bottoms coming on?”

“Very badly,” said Percy peevishly, and he slammed the window shut.

Percy had a disregard for family right from the start. It wasn’t so obvious in the Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets but it is there. And it gets steadily worse as time advances. 

The biggest red flag that a lot of people don’t recognize is in the Goblet of Fire. When Percy comes of age, he gets a job at the Ministry of Magic. Then he slowly starts disobeying his father and mother, spends time locked in his room, and comes home late. Ron puts it this way;

“I don’t think he’d come home if Dad didn’t make him.”

I’ve seen first hand how estrangement works and J.K. Rowling’s representation of it is uncanny. It makes me wonder if she hasn’t experienced it too. 

Percy has turned of age and things appear to be alright to his parents. To Molly and Arthur, he is just ambitious and has big plans for his future. That may even be what Percy thinks too. But in reality he is just a child wanting to do what he wants, when he wants to, and doesn’t want any parental guidance, control, or authority. He uses the Ministry of Magic, Mr. Crouch, and his job as an excuse to exercise his new of-age privileges. 

And then, in the next book, he is estranged. He breaks his parents trust, wanting to go his own way, and wastes years. Years that he will regret.

Percy eventually reconciled with his family, hours before his brother is murdered. Percy threw away time pursuing things that were unimportant and self indulgent, when he could have spent a little more time with his brother, Fred.

I wonder how many times after the Battle of Hogwarts that Percy cried over the time he lost with his brother? I can imagine his thoughts;

If only I came home from work a little earlier to eat dinner with him and the family.

If only I hadn’t shamed him and his practical jokes.

If only I had played Exploding Snap with him when he asked me that one time.

If only I hadn’t left him behind and come back too late.

Percy made a choice and he payed the price.

I know it seems like a bit of a jump from murderous Lord Voldemort to nerdy Percy Weasley but then again…it wasn’t that big a jump after all. If a thing like disrespecting family and misunderstanding love can take one person from being a Percy to being a Voldemort…why risk it?

Thus, we ask again, why is family so important? Because family in Harry Potter is often used synonymously with love. Love is the main theme in Harry Potter and Rowling repetitively uses family as a motif to demonstrate this theme.

And I understand it can be hard to love your family sometimes. We’re only human. Or maybe you’re not a Percy. Maybe you’re a Fred. Maybe you’re on the receiving end of of hate and disappointment. I cannot give any comfort or answer to such dilemmas than this;

Life is a story. Love is an adventure. Family is a home. To have all three at once is a gift. The greatest gift. A truly precious and fragile gift. Don’t waste what you have, what you’ve been given. See the value in the simple things. They may seem small but they’re not. Nothing simple is ever small. Life isn’t small, love isn’t small, and family isn’t small.

Care for these gifts and they will care for you in return.

5 Most British Books

Britain should be commonly known as the land of great literature. Almost all the best books come from America’s motherland; Austen, Tolkien, Shakespeare, Lewis, and so many other recognizable and celebrated names.

These books are perfect for anglophiles and bibliophiles and should always be read with a steaming mug of Earl Grey.

North and South

 Elizabeth Gaskell wrote many books and short stories and is famous for detailing the lives of Victorian society in all classes. North and South is one of her more well known novels, though many of her works contain British-worthy romances and values.

English country sides are iconic in literature. While North and South takes place mostly amidst a bustling Northern city, the book pays homage to the simplicity of country life and contrasts it to the busyness of high-paced industrialism. Both sides of period England are done justice and represented in the book alongside a Jane Austen worthy romance.

Harry Potter

Not only does the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling take place in Britain but also appeals to younger and more modern audiences. 

One feature in the series I am keen to shed light on is the lengthy, descriptive, and delicious passages describing English cuisine. From dining in the Great Hall to luncheon at the Burrow, Harry, being a hungry teenage boy, takes a great interest in noticing exactly what is on his plate. 

The books include lots of treacle tart (Harry’s favorite), black pudding, steak-and-kidney pie, porridge, and kippers.


George Orwell is often forgotten on lists of English authors. Though being born in India, he lived almost the whole of his life in Britain. 1984 is one of his finest works.

While this dystopian book might not have lots of tea drinking or polite conversation, it does reflect the British spirit of “onwards and upwards,” though not in a way that one may think. It takes quite a lot to get the main character to realize that there should be forward movement in society, not backward.

David Copperfield 

I am sad to say I watched the movie before I read the book on this one. Charles Dickens might be known for A Christmas Carol but it is David Copperfield that lives in my bookshelf. 

“Keep calm and carry on” cannot be demonstrated better than it is in David Copperfield. Following the life of a young boy to manhood and the many ups and downs, mountains and valleys, triumphs and trials of his life. Even in the darkest times of one’s life good, even wonderful, things can be found if one knows to look for and appreciate them.

Of all of Dickens’ works, the book reflects his life almost like a mirror image. And what can be more British than the man of the people, Charles Dickens?

Much Ado About Nothing

Ah, the Bard, of course. Nothing British can be spoken of without mentioning William Shakespeare, the truest of poets and playwrights.

Although Much Ado About Nothing does not take place in Britain (the setting is Messina, Sicily), the play portrays the ideal of British social grace better than any of the other Shakespeare plays. Honor and virtue are prized above all else, even life itself. 

These books belong on every true Anglophile’s shelf. These stories are almost as British as tea…almost. 

Slytherins and Why They Can’t Loose

Why is it that Slytherins put so much expectation on themselves? And I’m not just talking about good grades or bright futures. But when they think something, even in passing, it sticks like Spell-o-tape. If they have an opinion of themselves or others they will do anything to prove that said opinion is right. The only thing about Slytherins is that when they are really tested do their true natures come out, no matter what they think, their real selves are revealed. And that can be negative or positive. Or both. Slytherins are people of action but their thought processes have a lot of influence on how they act. This combination of overthinking and overdoing tends to lead their days like this…


Regulus Black woke up with a start to the sound of his name being yelled with the utmost fury. You haven’t woken up on the wrong side of the bed until you have woken up to Felix Rosier screaming your name in a frenzied fury. 

At first, Regulus did nothing, just remained laying down. Then Rosier’s voice met his ears unpleasantly again. “BLACK!” His voice was becoming clearer, yet Regulus still did not move.

He felt a rush of air next to his head as his four poster curtain was opened. 

“Black,” Rosier grunted in disdain. “Explain!”

Opening his eyes finally and seeing Rosier standing above him, Regulus said in a bored voice, “‘splain what?”

Rosier pointed at the dormitory door as if this explain his mania. Most unwillingly, Regulus sat up to see what all the fuss was about. 

After getting dressed, Regulus, escorted by Rosier, went down to the Slytherin common room. At first glance it was easy to see what had made all this commotion.

The common room, which was normally dawned with the green and black colors of Slytherin and lit with the green reflections of the Black Lake, was…unusual this morning. 

The traditional grim decoration had all been replaced. In their place were crimson and gold banners, lion crests, bright lanterns and floating candles. 

Regulus closed his eyes and sighed in irritation. “Why would you think this is my fault…oh, that’s why.”

On one of the walls was a banner with the message;


“Idiots,” Regulus muttered, rubbing sleep out of his eyes and frowning. 

“How in Salazar’s name did your blood traitor brother and his menace friends get in here?” Rosier glared at Regulus. “Unless you let them in, you little-“

“I didn’t let them in, alright? I hate them.” 

Severus Snape, a fifth year, was vanishing red and gold glitter from the walls. He spoke in the third year’s defense.“Regulus would no sooner allow Gryffindors entry than I would, Rosier,” Snape said in a calm monotone though his face was livid at the sight of the “Marauders” vandalism. 

Regulus shot Snape a contemptuous glance but the other neither noticed nor cared. Rosier looked at the both of them before announcing, “I’m telling Slughorn that they broke into the dorms…again!” He growled. “I have my eyes on you, Black. You too, Snape.”

Once he left in pursuit of Slughorn, Snape rolled his eyes. “Prefects.”

“I don’t need you speaking to Rosier on my behalf,” Regulus spat at Snape. “So keep your big nose out of my business”

“How much like your brother you sound. I suppose the family resemblance goes farther than looks.”

“I’m nothing like my brother and…” Regulus’ comebacks died halfway through. He wasn’t all that great at back talk. 

Snape raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“You’ve got glitter on your robes,” Regulus said, hoping it sounded insulting. He turned and walked back up to his dormitory, leaving Snape.

“We just can’t tolerate this any longer!” Rosier was giving a pep talk to the Slytherin table. Regulus listened half heartedly, spooning his oatmeal and letting it fall back into his bowl. “This is the fifth time. The fifth time! If they walk all over us like this, when will it stop?”

Bellatrix, Regulus’ cousin (much to his dislike), fingered her wand and smirked, “I could take care of them if you just let me.” 

Avery, who sat next to her, inched away warily. 

“I say we give them a taste of their own medicine,” Mulciber interjected. “See how it feels to be on the receiving end of petty tricks.”

Several students nodded in agreement. Regulus himself felt up to the idea, though doubtful. Gryffindors were supposed to be the mischievous ones, not Slytherins. Slytherins were more cross me and die. If something like this got carried too far, it could end up dangerous. 

“We could get into their common room!” Avery piped. “Mess with their stuff!”

“One problem,” Regulus pointed out, “We don’t know their password.” 

Rosier looked at him. “So how did they find out our’s, pipsqueak?”

Regulus shrugged his shoulders. “How should I know?”

“He’s your brother,” Bellatrix leered. 

“And he’s your cousin, Bella,” Regulus countered.

She snarled animal like in return. Regulus grinned. “We always have such lovely conversation.” He turned to Avery. “There’s no way we can get past that fat lady picture, no Gryffindor would give us the password. Unless Snape’s got Veritaserum on him.”

Every head turned to the boy in question. It took Snape a moment to realize everyone was waiting for him to answer.

“Don’t be thick,” Snape drawled. “Veritaserum is classified as a professional exclusive potion. Such mixtures cannot be brewed without regulation in Hogwarts.”

“There goes that idea,” Avery muttered in disappointment.

The Slytherins ate in silence. Soon, Sirius, the blood traitors Pettigrew and Potter, along with that son-of-a-Muggle Lupin, went walking by their table. 

Without much effort, Mulciber aimed his wand at Sirius. “Levicorpus.”

Turned upside down and hung by his ankles in the air, Sirius cursed and threw a croissant he had been holding at Mulciber.

Potter was laughing jovially but ceased once he saw that the Slytherins were doing the same. 

“No magic in the Great Hall,” Lupin said strictly as he helped his friend down. “Three points from Slytherin.” 

“Come on, Moony,” Sirius said, sticking his tongue out at Mulciber. “Make it an even five.”

“Lucky you have a prefect to hide behind,” Regulus snapped. “Aye, Sirius?”

His brother glanced at him but looked away just as quickly. The look on Sirius’ face made Regulus’ insides twist. 

“Back off, Reg,” Potter said. “Anyway, how’s your common room doing? Nice glitter, by the way, Snivillus.”

Snape glared at Potter but ignored him. Wisely in Regulus’ opinion. 

“You’ll pay for our common room, the lot of you,” Rosier said. “You can bet on that.”

Potter laughed. “All you know are Dark spells and how to sneer. Good luck getting back at us.”

Lupin shepherded them away from the Slytherin’s. Regulus watched as they left. 

There was little Regulus was truly thankful for. But in that small list was this; he was thankful he was not in his brother’s year. Facing him every single day, even having to interact with him, was something he could never do. 

It was different when they younger. Regulus had once looked up to Sirius. There was a time when he wanted nothing more than to be just like his elder brother. When he began to grow up his attention divided between Sirius and their parents. Somewhere along the way, that brotherly affection was diverted. Somewhere along the way he gave into the ideology that was taught to him from infancy, and could never understand why Sirius didn’t believe what him and their parents believed.

Regulus was more perceptive than he let on. He was aware of the real reason he didn’t want to face Sirius. He knew that if he faced Sirius, he would have to make jibes at Sirius and his friends’ blood status. Would have to hex them and sneer at their moral compasses. And why? To confirm his place in Slytherin, as a pure-blood, and as a supporter of the Dark Arts. 

He had been doing this for so long, he wasn’t sure if he actually believed what he said he did. But it didn’t matter. It was too late for him to change. If he changed, he would be rejected from the status he had put so much faith in. 

He would rather be the persecutor than the persecuted.

These thoughts shot through his mind for a split second but he pushed them aside just as quickly. He did this several times a day. His conscience would not allow otherwise. 


The voice echoed through the nearly empty hallway of Regulus’ way to class. It took a short moment for Regulus to remember the latest Gryffindor v. Slytherin prank war. And Regulus didn’t duck in time.

He spun around to face Marlene McKinnon, who’s wand was out and who’s mouth was split into a greatly amused smile. Sirius, who was next to her, was practically barking with laughter. “Nice hair, Regulus!”

Regulus growled and caught sight off the end of his hair from the corner of his eye.

The strands, once a deep raven, were now a bright bubble gum pink. 

He pulled out his own wand to retaliate but it was too late. Sirius and the McKinnon girl had already run off.

“This isn’t going to work,” Regulus muttered to Snape. They were in free period and on a mission to get back at the four troublemakers. 

“It will work. Trust me,” Snape said. 

Regulus looked at him. “Why would I trust you? You’re not my friend.”

“Of course not. Just do it.”

Regulus rolled his eyes. “You better be right or I’ll hex you.”

“I’m terrified. Now go.”

Regulus walked away, glaring at Snape as he went. He headed towards his brother and his friends who were near the Black Lake, goofing around. 

“Hey, Lupin!” Regulus called. 

The Gryffindors looked his way.

Lupin, confused, answered. “Yes?”

“Just ignore him, Remus,” Sirius muttered.

“You can do a corporeal Patronus right?” Regulus asked. “We learned about them in class and someone told me you were the only kid in school who could do one.”

Pettigrew glanced between Regulus and Lupin. Lupin nodded, starring at Regulus quizzically. “Yes, I can produce a Patronus. But I’m sure Slughorn could too, if you’re curious about them…”

“Could you do one right now?” Regulus asked. He wasn’t sure why Snape said this was the way to get back at them.

“You’re a git, you know that?” Sirius spat at Regulus.

“I just want to see if he could do it,” Regulus said, surprised this was actually working.

“W-well, he doesn’t want to!” Pettigrew defended.

“I don’t think I asked you,” Regulus looked at Lupin. “Well?”

“I’d rather not…”

Snape came up from behind Regulus. “And why not, I wonder?” 

“Shove off, Snivillus,” Potter said, taking out his wand. “Or do you fancy being strung up by your ankles?”

“It’s an innocent question,” Snape said, smirking. “Lupin? Could we see a Patronus?”

Lupin’s gaze shifted. He took out his wand. “Expecting Patronum.” A small silver light came from his wand. Several people nearby clapped. They had attracted a crowd.

“We meant a corporeal Patronus,” Snape said.

“Too bad, that’s all he can do,” Sirius’ face was absolutely livid.

“No, I asked if he could do a full bodied one before and he said yes,” Regulus countered.

“Come on, Remus!” Shouted Marlene, who had joined the crowd around them, “Go on!”

“Let’s just go…” Pettigrew said under his breath.

Sirius and Potter stood on either side of Lupin, looking daggers at Regulus and Snape. Regulus felt that this might have gone too far.

Snape turned his head to the side. “Why can’t you just show us, Lupin? What have you got to hide?”

Lupin looked around at the others, all starring curiously. He looked at the ground and waved his wand whilst closing his eyes. “Expecting Patronum.”

A large hulking animal shot out of his wand. Snape’s smile grew even more satisfied while Potter and Sirius’ frowns deepened with dislike. Regulus caught sight of the Patronus; a wolf. It cantered in and out of the student’s legs and stopped to howl once.

Once the Patronus faded, the students clapped and patted Remus on the back before dispersing. 

“Thank you,” Snape jeered. “That was more than satisfactory…very educational.”

Potter advanced on Snape and shoved him backwards. “Dumbledore made you promise, you greasy bat!”

“What’s going on?” Regulus asked, genuinely confused and even concerned. 

Snape took out his wand and pointed it at Potter threateningly. “Go ahead,” he dared.

“James,” Lupin warned though he did not look up. 

Potter looked at Lupin and took a step back from Snape. “I told Evans I wouldn’t fight him.”

“Well I didn’t!” Sirius roared as he stepped forward and swung a punch at Snape.

“Sirius!” Regulus, Lupin, Potter, and Pettigrew all cried in unison. 

Levicorpus!” Snape cried, flicking his wand at Sirius.

“Oh, not again!” 

For the second time that day Sirius hung in midair. Regulus went forward to help but-

“Stop!” Potter roared at him, pushing him back. “Go on!”

Regulus looked to Snape, but the other Slytherin was already trudging away. Walking slowly backwards, his eyes still on the four Gryffindors, Regulus made his way warily to the castle.

Regulus felt like jinxing himself. It wasn’t as if any real harm had been done. Nothing all that serious at happened. So why was he so on edge about it?

It was the looks on Sirius face that had taken hold of him. Not looks of dislike, but of disappointment and even surprise that his little brother turned against him. And acceptance that this was how Regulus really was and there was nothing Sirius could do about it. Regulus saw that face often and it hurt all the more each time.

If he asked me to change, would I do it? Regulus wondered. I’d want to say yes…but I’d never give him the satisfaction. He sat in the Slytherin common room (now reversed to its original state) pondering this and becoming even more depressed just thinking about it.

What a tangled web we weave, he thought. 

The moment he saw Snape, he stood up and approached him. “That wasn’t a prank. What was that?”

Snape looked at him, expressionless, and walked away.

Regulus seethed. “Snivillus!” He called after him in contempt.

He heard laughter behind him and turned. Rosier, Avery, and Mulciber had just entered the room.

“You’ll never guess what we just did!” The heckled.

Regulus caught sight of green and silver glitter speckled on their robes and couldn’t help but smile. “Oh no…”

The next morning, the Gryffindors woke up to find their common room quite changed…

The Surprising Truth About Harry Potter Part Three

Every true Wizarding World fan knows that when J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter she was writing about love. Dumbledore is always talking about love this and love that. Harry gets to the point of being annoyed by it just as much as Voldemort scorns the concept.

Before reading what I have to say about this, might I suggest reading the first two posts in “The Surprising Truth About Harry Potter” series if you have not already done so.

Readers get bored with the whole love thing as well. I know that when I read the books, I was slightly disconcerted by the shallowness that I thought lingered behind the repetition.

It took me years to realize that when Rowling wrote the word “love” she meant so much more.

I just now turned to a random page in my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I ended up on page 244, where Dean Thomas, Griphook, Gornuk, and Ted Tonks are hiding out in the same woods as Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Goblins and wizards working together?

I did this again and landed on when the Golden Trio went to Xenophilius Lovegood’s home to ask about the Deathly Hallows. A man doing anything to save his daughter?

What do these two events have in common? What does almost every single scene in each Harry Potter book have in common?


Open up to a random page of the Harry Potter book nearest to you (The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts don’t count!) and I bet my Marauders Map the root of that scene is love.

Now that you have found a random Harry Potter passage, open up Google News, turn on your TV, or glance at the newspaper’s front page. How much love did you find there?

The readers that read Harry Potter, me included, have grown up in a generation of hate, turmoil, and human immortality. Love is a concept many people do not completely understand.

J.K. never defines the magic of love. She operates on the first rule every writer knows off the top of their heads. Show, don’t tell.

The first time love is noticeably brought up as a concept of importance is in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

“Your mother died to save you. If there’s one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love. He didn’t realize that love as powerful as your mothers for you leaves it’s own mark. Not a scar, no visible sign… to have been loved so deeply, even though the person who left us is gone, will give us some protection forever. It is in your very skin. Quirrel, full of hatred, greed and ambition, sharing his soul with Voldemort, could not touch you for this reason. It was agony to touch a person marked by something so good.”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

It hurts how prevalent Dumbledore’s words are in the modern age. Good people are attacked on a daily basis and lost and confused people get stung because of it. So they try again and again to prove their own rightness and fail just as much.

To worldly eyes it may appear that love can be overcome by lesser things. But in the end, once the story has taken its course and arrived at the end, what prevails? Harry or Voldemort?

Quirrel tries to take the Stone and kill Harry, but Lily Potter’s love stops him. Tom Riddle attempts to regain strength and kill Ginny Weasley, but Harry’s friendship and Dumbledore’s protection stops him. Sirius and Remus almost kill Peter Pettigrew and Sirius’ soul is almost taken, but Harry’s sense of justice and protection stops these. Again and again, love overcomes without the characters even realizing it.

Even Harry, who has saved and been saved by multiple forms of love doesn’t understand the importance of it until the very end. I know I have referenced the Battle of Hogwarts multiple times in this blog series but as a dedicated Potterhead, I cannot emphasize the importance of this scene enough.

“I know things you don’t, Tom Riddle. I know lots of important things you don’t. Want to hear some before you make another big mistake?”

Voldemort did not speak but prowled in a circle and Harry knew that he kept him temporarily mesmerized and at bay, held back by the faintest possibility that Harry might indeed know a final secret…“

Is it’s love again?” said Voldemort , his snake face jeering, “Dumbledore‘s favorite solution, love, which he claimed conquered death, though love did not stop him falling from the Tower and breaking like an old wax work? Love, which did not prevent me stamping out your Mudblood mother like a cockroach, Potter- and nobody seems to love you enough to run forward this time, and take my curse. So what will stop you dying now when I strike?”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

But it was love that saved Harry. His own love. The love he had learned that triumphed over everything. Community, friendship, mercy, and redemption.

As I have said, Harry simply using the Disarming charm was a deep act of love. That act saved him and killed Voldemort.

This is easy to miss nowadays. Readers are constantly attacked in every day life and they believe less and less in the power of goodness. These readers completely loose sight of how love saved Harry and his friends again and again. All they read is an epic tale.

But for those who see past this, for those who learn from the seven books, who read what J.K. Rowling meant them to read…they take much more with them when they close the book.
I geek out as much as the next fan and I enjoy it too. But what is that compared to the knowledge that some do not see what I see when they read Harry Potter?

Love. Just hearing that word makes me want to do better, to reach out to the list, to defend my beliefs, to cry at how much love I have been given, how much mercy has been bestowed upon me.

Is that how Harry feels? Knowing that his parents died to save him and that he would die (and did die) to save the ones he loved. How sad is it that Voldemort had so many opportunities to discover this deep and simple truth yet never had the strength to take it inside his heart (even if it was two sizes too small.)
It is love that gives us the confidence of a brighter day, even when we cannot see it. It is always there. A good ending, a better ending than we could ever hope for.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and every other great character’s ambitions were nothing compared for what was in store for them.

The last trace of steam evaporated in the autumn air. The train rounded a corner. Harry’s hand was still raised in farewell.

“He’ll be all right,” murmured Ginny.

As Harry looked at her, he lowered his hand absent-mindedly and touched the lightning scar on his forehead.

“I know he will.“

The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well.

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
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Harry Potter Teachers During COVID

I just had too much fun making Harry Potter During COVID, I needed to do it again. So, I did. Enjoy!

You know he would, don’t deny it! Especially if said Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is Remus Lupin. Same old Snivillus.

Okay, this one was kinda in bad taste…but so worth it. I mean he disappears once a month, is ill a lot of the time, and won’t tell anyone why. Use Germ X after class, kids…and leave some chocolate on the desk for this boi.

Yes, yes, I know I spelled her name wrong in the meme, get off my back. It’s about the easiest name to spell right next to Mykew Gregorovitch.

Does he look like a Cornish Pixie or what? He certainly has the IQ of one.

If 2020 was a person…I’m not wrong and you know it.

Words of wisdom we should be wise enough to keep in mind. Hate and despair cannot be fought with hate and despair. These things can only be overcome with love.

Gryffindors And Their Bad Days

Gryffindors have complex personalities, just like the rest of the Hogwarts Houses. Besides being brave and true, they are also headstrong and ambitious. They often expect too much of themselves but never appreciate the little things. Gryffindors live higher paced lives than the other Houses and can easily miss the little things in life. They too often envision the big picture but overlook the significance of the now. They are quick to resent, rarely relent, and judge situations quickly. But when given insights, they readily accept truth and positivity. Here is what a normal day looks like for a typical Gryffindor…

A soft rustling woke Seamus Finnigan up, which was not unusual. He didn’t have to look outside his four poster to know what the noise had been. Ron and Harry were sneaking out…again. Seamus, Dean, and Neville had all gotten way over stopping them after four years of school together. 

Several whispers, recognizably Harry and Ron’s voices, could be heard. Seamus sat up. Had Dean been woken up? Probably. Once he heard the footsteps, followed by the door closing, he sat up and moved one of his curtains. 

An idea, not brilliant but not bad either occurred to him and he smirked. Swinging his legs off the bed, and stretching for a second, he grabbed a pillow and crept over to Dean’s four poster. 

The sound of soft snoring was coming from the other side of the room and Seamus sent Neville a quick apology before-

Seamus ripped open the curtains as fast as he could and raised the pillow into the air, ready to slam it across Dean’s sleeping form. However, he wasn’t quick enough. 

Aguamenti!” Seamus’ best friend’s voice was audible just before water shot straight at his face. 

Seamus yelped and brought up a hand in an attempt to guard himself from the water, but it was too late. He was soaked. 

Dean laughed loudly and Seamus cursed. They had been in the same perpetual prank wars for two years, and Dean always seemed to get the upper hand. 

“Could you let me get one on you once, mate?” Seamus said, starting to chuckle as he shook his head violently, sending water drops across the room.

Dean threw the pillow Seamus had dropped back at him. “And miss that stupid look on your monkey face? Never.”

“Guuuyssss,” came Neville’s sleepy moan from his bed.

“Sorry, Neville!” Dean and Seamus said together, laughing and not sorry at all.

Breakfast was a dull affair. There were no good subjects to look forward to, like Defense Against the Dark Arts or Charms. History of Magic was on Seamus’ schedule followed by Double Potions…yay. And even worse, he hadn’t seen a single Quidditch match let alone a single broomstick since the World Cup (Go Lynch!).

“I miss Quidditch,” he grumbled as he swallowed his toast. 

Dean rolled his eyes, “I know, you’ve told me only a hundred times.”

“Well, I do!” 

“The Triwizard Tournament is ten times as exciting as Quidditch-“

“Bite your tongue!” Seamus interrupted, scandalized. 

Dean didn’t bother to finish, knowing Seamus was not one to back down. Instead he waved at someone over Seamus’ shoulder. 

“Hey, Ginny!”

Don’t come over, don’t come over, don’t come over! Seamus repeated in his head. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t like Ginny. She was dead nice and worth a good laugh, but Dean had gotten into the habit of inviting her into every single conversation and it was a bit annoying. A lot annoying. Very annoying. Forget it, he was livid about it these days.

Ginny obviously wasn’t a legilimens, seeing as she didn’t hear Seamus’ mental cry for her to ignore them. That or she just didn’t care.

“Hey Dean, hey Seamus,” she walked over and caught sight of Lee Jordan, who was sitting next to them. “Lee,” she nodded politely.

“Hey, Ginny,” Seamus said in a monotone. 

Dean didn’t notice the unenthusiastic voice, but Ginny did. Because of course.

She smirked, “Bad morning, Seamus?”

Seamus couldn’t help but smile. Ginny was a sport. “You’d be in a bad mood to if you were having Quidditch withdrawals.”

“Tell me about it!” She said, sitting next to him, across from Dean, and grabbing a nearby croissant. “And I was going to try out for the team this year.”

“Really?” Dean asked, interested. 

Ginny nodded but said no more, choosing to eat her food. Lee decided to join the conversation in her silence. 

“Keeper, right? You were going to try for Keeper now that Wood’s gone?”

Seamus considered Ginny as a Keeper. He couldn’t see her as a Keeper. A Seeker, maybe, but Harry was already the perfect Seeker and that was something no Gryffindor would deny.

Ginny nodded but shrugged her shoulders in response to Lee. “Ron would have killed me though. He’s wanted to be on the team ever since Harry got in in their first year. It’s a Weasley tradition, being on the team.”

Lee nodded, then said. “But you could break that seeing as your-“ 

Seamus and Dean both turned their heads to him. Rest In Peace, he thought as he crossed his chest as if rebuking something sacrilegious. Ginny’s eyes turned to slits, daring Lee to day another word.

“Since you’re the YOUNGEST!” Lee finished in defense to Seamus, Dean’s, and now Ginny’s own (frankly frightening) look. “I was going to say since you are the youngest!”

Dean started laughing and Seamus shook his head. Ginny continued to look daggers at Lee, who had ducked his head down. 

Once finished eating, Seamus said his goodbyes to the others and set off back to the dormitories. Dean, though he had finished his plate, stayed, animatedly talking with Ginny about the Weird Sisters. 

It was bound to happen sometime, his best friend finding a girl’s attention more engaging than his own. He was pretty sure Harry, who kept company mostly with Ron and Hermione Granger, didn’t realize he was the third wheel in their group. 

He let the reverie pass. He wasn’t one to hold Dean’s crush against him. His only worry was that Dean would talk Quidditch with Ginny instead of himself.

“Parkinson and Patil…Goyle and Thomas…Granger and Brown…” Professor Snape’s drawl echoed around the silent and dark dungeon walls, listing off pairs of students to work on the day’s overly complicated potion. “Malfoy and Weasley…” 

Seamus heard Ron, who stood next to him, curse. Better you than me, he thought, smiling a little guiltily as Ron picked up his potion ingredients and cauldron and went to where Malfoy was sitting. He cast a gloomy look back at the Gryffindor’s as Malfoy began to mutter something to Ron that they couldn’t hear. 

“Finnegan and…Mr. Potter.”

Snape took a good twenty seconds to drown out the last two words, glaring at Harry all the while. Seamus groaned. Next to Malfoy, Harry was the worst partner to have in Potions. 

It wasn’t that Harry wasn’t a good friend, quite the contrary when he wasn’t getting into trouble, but he wasn’t the best student. Especially in Potions. Snape and Harry had their own special civil war and more often than not, innocent Gryffindors got caught in the crossfire. Usually Ron.

Being paired with Harry was a sure way to get points taken from you by Snape, a minimum of twenty per lesson. The chances of detention were raised by a whopping sixty percent. On top of that, Harry was dead awful at Potions so any effort was basically pointless.

“Hey Seamus,” Harry greeted, not really looking at him as he unloaded his cauldron.

“Hey-ya, Harry,” Seamus replied, slightly awkwardly. 

They started out in silence, writing down Snape’s instructions on their pieces of parchment. Seamus missed a few of the steps that Snape had said too quickly. He wasn’t about to ask him to repeat it. Hopefully, one of the Slytherins would ask.  Alas, no such luck. 

“Hey, Harry, did you catch what we do after simmering the toad’s brains?” He asked in an undertone as the rest of the students in the dungeon began to heat their cauldron’s.

Harry looked up, as if interrupted from a reverie. “What?” He asked.


Ever since he had somehow snuck his name into the Goblet of Fire (Seamus and Dean were still debating how he did it), Harry was distracted all the time. It wasn’t as if he had been the most social person to begin with, but now chances of talking to him was slim to none if your name wasn’t Ron or Hermione.

Out of the corner of his eye, Seamus noticed Hermione and Lavender Brown. Hermione was standing over the hot cauldron, hair wild, and concentrating as she carefully added a few drops of this and a dash of that. Lavender meanwhile was sitting nowhere near her partner, and reading something under the table. Witch Weekly if Seamus were to guess.

“And what…is…this?” 

The potion master’s voice made Seamus drop the dried mandrake leaves he had been holding. He didn’t have time to answer before Harry’s defiant voice came from beside him.

“Sleeping Draught, Professor,” the disdain in his voice dripped of dislike. Seamus glanced around for the nearest escape route.

“Really?” Answered Snape skeptically. “A Sleeping Draught contains the bark of aspen and is never heated beyond boiling point. Now, tell me Mr. Potter, is this a Sleeping Draught?”

Silence hung in the air. Seamus caught Dean’s eye and his friend mouthed “uh oh” from across the room. 

“We’re not done yet, sir,” Seamus cringed at Harry’s sarcasm.

“Is…that…so…?” The pauses between Snape’s words felt like walking up to the gallows. “If you and Mr. Finnegan are so…confident in your abilities…” His dark eyes fell on Seamus who forced a weak smile. “Twenty points will be taken from Gryffindor if this potion is not perfection by the end of the lesson.”

“How are we supposed to get the potion right if you don’t even teach us properly?” The words came out of Seamus’ mouth before he could stop them. 

Snape’s eyes burrowed into him. The following silence was worse than the previous one, stretching into a thousand eternities. 

Finally, Snape broke the tension. “Ten points from Gryffindor for you and Potter’s insolence, Mr. Finnegan.”

And, uncannily like a giant bat, Snape turned and trod away to torment Hermione and Lavender next.

“Brilliant day, just brilliant!” Seamus groaned, falling into his crimson coloured comforter. “Water in the face, no Quidditch, and thirty points down. Just brilliant.”

“What you on about?” Dean asked.

Seamus looked at him. “What do you mean what am I talking about? Forget Harry’s Horntail, my day has been the worst day in the history of bad days.” 

Dean didn’t answer, merely shrugged and dumped out his school bag on his bed. Neville however, walked over. 

“Bad day, huh?” He asked curiously.

Seamus rolled his eyes. “Yeah.”

Neville nodded, his brow creased as if pondering something. Seamus didn’t second guess it, just ignored him.

After a little while, Neville said, “Ginny told me you talked with her about Quidditch at breakfast.”

Seamus sat up, “When did you talk to Ginny?”


“Wow…I didn’t think you could talk to girls, Neville.”

Neville smiled a little, embarrassed. “Ginny said she didn’t think you liked her before today. But talking Quidditch with you made her feel like a friend.”

Seamus blinked and opened his mouth to say something but Neville continued.

“And Harry wasn’t singled out in Potions today because you talked back to S-Snape,” Neville stuttered over the name slightly. For a moment, Seamus thought about Neville’s Boggart-Snape from when Professor Lupin was their teacher. “I mean…you did loose Gryffindor points but it would have happened anyway, right?” 

Seamus thought about this. He looked up at Neville with a smile. The other smiled back. 

“And what about when Dean and I woke you up? What’s the upside to that one?” Seamus asked.

Neville considered this. “At least I wasn’t the one who got Aguamentied in the face.”

Seamus and Neville both laughed and Dean joined in, even though he had no idea what the two had been talking about.

“Never a dull day in Gryffindor, aye?” Seamus chuckled as he sat down on his bed again and blew out the lights.

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The Surprising Truth About Harry Potter Part Two

There are two wolves. A black wolf and a white wolf. Which one wins?

This simple phrase was drilled into me by my mother before I ever read Harry Potter. But the series demonstrates the philosophical analogy better than any novel I have ever read.

Before diving into this, if you have not read the first post in “The Surprising Truth About Harry Potter” series, I suggest you go back real quick and take a look at the first installment.

Good and evil are classic elements to good stories. As they should be. They are real and ever present in life outside of a book, so the concepts are instantly relatable.

Harry Potter is a good guy, side by side with Luke Skywalker and Samwise- oh, I mean, er, Frodo Baggins. Voldemort is a bad guy, in the same lineup as the Emperor and Sauroman.

These characters are always against each other. Books upon books are dedicated to the ultimate fights between good and evil. More often than not, good wins in the end.

But why?

2019 Leaky Con with (from left to right) Heather Mac, Russel W. Dalton, and Scarlett Mc.

I had the pleasure to attend the 2019 Leaky Con in Dallas, Texas. There, I went to a seminar titled “Horcruxes Not Hallows” by Russel W. Dalton, professor of religious education at the Brite Divinity School. I was able to listen to his views on why Harry triumphed over Voldemort in the end.

It was slightly more complicated than “good beats evil” and “love always wins”, although those words are valid. No, there is a real, logical, explanation.

I believe I am safe to say Remus Lupin fans (shout out to my fellow Lupin lovers!) had a real emotional roller coaster ride reading the end of Half Blood Prince and the beginning of Deathly Hallows. Remus is thoroughly depressed in these sections and makes all the wrong choices. I have never EVER been more disappointed in Lupin and more proud of Harry than when after Harry used Expelliarmus against Stan Shunpike;

“Harry, the time for disarming is past! These people are trying to capture and kill you! At least Stun if you aren’t prepared to kill!

“We were hundreds of feet up! Stan’s not himself and if I Stunned him, he’d have died the same as if I use Avada Kedavra! Expelliarmus saved me from Voldemort two years ago,” Harry added defiantly. Lupin was reminding him of the sneering Hufflepuff Zacharias Smith, who jeered at Harry for wanting to teach Dumbledore‘s Army how to disarm.

“Yes, Harry,” said Lupin with painful restraint, “and a great number of Death Eaters witnessed that happening. Forgive me, but it was a very unusual move then under eminent threat of death. Repeating it tonight in front of Death Eaters who either witnessed or heard about the first occasion was close to suicidal!”

“So you think I should’ve killed Stan Shunpike?” Said Harry angrily.

Of course not,” said Lupin, “but the Death Eaters-frankly most people-would’ve expected you to attack back! Expelliarmus is a useful spell, Harry, but the Death Eaters seem to think it is your signature move and I urge you not to let it become so!”

Lupin was making Harry feel idiotic, and yet there was still a grain of defiance inside him.“I won’t blast people out of my way just because they’re there,” said Harry. “That’s Voldemort’s job.”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Remus’ views have never been more askew than they are now and Harry’s have never been more on point.
Notice how Remus repeatedly uses the words Death Eaters. Death Eaters,Death Eaters, Death Eaters. That’s all he seems to care about. But Harry doesn’t refer to them once, he specifically says Stan Shunpike.

Harry is constantly seeing people as they are (save for Severus Snape, but he doesn’t put on the best persona now does he?) He sees Remus not as a bloodthirsty werewolf, but as his old Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Thus, he sees Stan not as a threat but as the Knight Bus conductor under the Imperious Curse.

Remus believes that the most important thing is survival. Harry believes that the most important thing is mercy.

In the “Horcruxes Not Hallows” seminar, Dalton brings up the motives of Harry and Voldemort. I admit to being confused. What did he mean what were their motives? Harry needed to get the Horcruxes while Voldemort sought after the Hallows.

But Dalton went on to reveal something I had never thought of before.

Why didn’t Harry go after the Hallows, same as Voldemort? If Harry had beat Voldemort to them, he could have easily defeated Voldemort and the Death Eaters with the Invisibility Cloak, Resurrection Stone, and Elder Wand. Dumbledore had even given him everything he needed to find them (Tales of Beedle the Bard and the golden Snitch) and Harry already had one! With all three, Harry would be unstoppable.
Or, Voldemort could have gone after the Horcruxes himself, keeping them safe from threat. He kept Nagini with him at all times, but that was as a last resort to keep himself alive once he learn that the Golden Trio were destroying the pieces of his soul he had hidden.

By retrieving the Horcruxes, Harry was securing that Voldemort could be defeated, yet in the final battle, Harry gives, not Voldemort, but Tom Riddle a chance of redemption until the very end.

“But before you try to kill me, I advise you to think about what you’ve done… think and try for some remorse, Riddle…”

“What is this?” Of all the things that Harry had said to him, beyond any revelation or taunt, nothing had shocked Voldemort like this. Harry saw his pupils contract to thin slits, saw skin around his eyes whiten.

“It’s your last chance,” said Harry, “it’s all you’ve got left…I’ve seen what you’ll be otherwise…be a man…try…try for some remorse…”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Media nowadays does not think twice before allowing the hero to kill the bad guy. David Yates, the director of the movie adaptation of the Deathly Hallows, talked about how the movies portrayed the last battle.

So, I always wanted to get it out of the Great Hall, away from an audience, so the sequence became much more about a boy facing down this nemesis, this demon that had haunted him right throughout his childhood. This is the figure that had killed his parents. 

David Yates

Really, Yates? Is that really what it is about? Because last time I checked, Harry only sought after revenge once, when he heard falsehoods that Sirius Black had betrayed his mother and father. And when given the chance to kill Sirius…he didn’t.

This is because Harry has never wanted revenge. Slytherins want revenge, not Gryffindors. Gryffindors want justice not revenge.

Justice is not judgement. Judgement results in Voldemort killing Harry’s parents and would have resulted in Harry killing Voldemort if Harry believed in human’s ability to judge others.

Human anger does not produce righteousness. Anyone who listens to the world’s ideas on morals is deceived. Justice comes from a power higher than our own. I believe Harry knows that.

And Harry offered justice to Tom in their last stance. If Voldemort had seen the error of his ways, he would have been sparred. Harry gave him opportunity until the last spell.

Going back to the Harry and Remus’ row, Remus says that Disarming should not be Harry’s go to move. And yet, fans like us know that Expelliarmus is Harry’s signature spell.

By using Expelliarmus, Harry gave Voldemort the chance to use any other spell than Avada Kadavra. If Voldemort had not used the killing curse, he would not have perished. His curse rebounded upon him. He could have saved himself.

But he didn’t.

Harry Potter isn’t purely about good vs evil. It is about the choices each side makes. About how Harry had mercy until the very end.

We live in a world of retaliation. When someone wrongs another, it becomes perfectly acceptable to seek revenge. Everyday there is more evidence of the battle of humans. Not good vs evil, as it should be, but hate vs hate, discontentment vs discontentment. No problem had ever been solved in such a way.
While other characters like Remus and even Molly Weasley fall into this very human way of acting, Harry does not.

While the hearts may be true, it is the actions we take that determine who we are.

There are two wolves. A white wolf and a black wolf. Which one wins?

Whichever one you feed.