Book Review: Not Without My Daughter

Non-fiction isn’t usually my cup of tea. While it may be informative, I sometimes find it is so clean cut and factual that the genre seems almost callous.  However when history and biographies are novelized they take on an entirely different tone. My latest novelized non-fiction read is… Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody  My… Continue reading →

Book Review: The House of Silk

Hey, lovelies. It’s been awhile! Because lots of you said on Instagram that you would like to see more book reviews, I’m making good on that. This is the first in my new book review series. Basically, whenever I read a good book, I am going to share it with you. I will always keep… Continue reading →

Breaking Up With My Book Boyfriends

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and came across a post from one of my bookstagramer buddies. She had complied several memes to describe herself. I was humored by the effort and accuracy of said memes and found the majority of them relatable. However, one of the memes she chose to describe herself… Continue reading →

Cultivating the Curious Mind

Before the New Year, I decided to renew my attitude, business, and life. I wanted to be productive but still rest and have peace of mind that my efforts weren’t for nothing. Who doesn’t want to feel that way? When I started implementing this new mindset of mine, however, I never realized how slow the… Continue reading →


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