Cultivating the Curious Mind

Before the New Year, I decided to renew my attitude, business, and life. I wanted to be productive but still rest and have peace of mind that my efforts weren’t for nothing. Who doesn’t want to feel that way?

When I started implementing this new mindset of mine, however, I never realized how slow the transition and results would come. There has definitely been a large change in how I spend, manage, and use my time but the progress has unveiled itself minutely. So minutely, in fact, I couldn’t see it while I was living it.

Skipping the details on how I got here, I’m here. Blogging again. Renewed.

Knowing me, you may be confused. Scarlett? Skipping details? I know, I know, I am Miss Long Winded Story Teller. It is most unusual of me to limit my elaboration.

I do this simple telling now because I wish to communicate to you. No metaphors, analogies, or special motifs. I am here to tell you something you need to know.

When I started this business, I had a problem with identifying my target audience. If you take a business class or follow a business planning template, you will always be advised to describe your ideal customer. When I did this in the past, I always detailed a customer that was like me…bookish, storytelling, and a little geeky. Most of my customers are like that, to be honest (you know who you are).

But since this renewal, I have finally identified who my business most affects. Who’s lives I might actually touch and change with what I do. I have a new mission statement that will now be the foundation of all of my products, blogs, Insta posts, and professional interactions.

My new mission is exactly this: to cultivate curious minds with positivity and living literature.

Curious minds like yours and mine are eager to learn and experience. This is a good thing…generally. When your mind yearns to learn, you begin to actively seek knowledge. When your body longs to go places and try new things, you step outside of your normal activities to do so.

This can be great for you mental, physical, and spiritual health…if you are learning and experiencing positivity.

Curious minds are attracted to any new information, good or bad. When a curious mind discovers new information that is healthy and created with good intentions, it feeds more than just your mind. It can inspire you and even change your life for the better. But when a curious mind discovers new information that is harmful or ill, it can affect you negatively.

Even if a curious mind identifies harmful information as negative, the curiosity inside asks why it is bad. Negativity is just as interesting as positivity, if not more so. A curious mind wants to understand why something is evil, how it originated, and initiates thought that dwells upon the harmful subject.

Having fallen victim to the exact process I have described, I propose a way to divert or curious attentions from negativity and on to positivity. That solution is this: living literature.

Lately, whenever I find my mind wandering aimlessly, a time when my mind is at high risk of discovering negative information, I do one thing. I read. And I don’t just read any book (because books can promote negativity too), I read a living book. Usually Tolkien, Lewis, Austen, or Rowling.

Living literature feeds curiosity while affirming positivity. However, it is not my goal to say “Here is a living novel. Go read it, you’ll feel better.” Forcing others into reading literature, no matter how wonderful, can have a backfiring affect. It creates a begrudging spirit that is more likely to dwell on, guess what? Negativity.

The key is to excite the curiosity before you put a living book into a curious mine’s hand. Make the mind want for the positivity. Do not force submission from a mind. Instead appeal to it with what it already enjoys.

It is my goal to do this through my business. I want my products to fall into the hands of curious minds and spark their curiosity to seek living literature.

Want to start the process of cultivating positive thought? Here is a tip: identify what you already enjoy and apply it to your reading. Love art? Check out some book illustrations. Into fashion? Look up some book inspired outfits. There is always a way to connect your interests to living literature. The rewards might not be immediate, especially it you have little interest in reading of it you have previously enjoyed…er…non-living books. Give it some time. Dedicate yourself. Give yourself a chance to love and explore living literature.

Cultivate Your Mind With Positivity

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Scarlett Mc.

Writer, artist, designer, and bibliophile. Works part time at an antique store, part time at her own business, Books of Art. Currently working on her first novel.

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