Harry Potter Teachers During COVID

I just had too much fun making Harry Potter During COVID, I needed to do it again. So, I did. Enjoy!

You know he would, don’t deny it! Especially if said Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is Remus Lupin. Same old Snivillus.

Okay, this one was kinda in bad taste…but so worth it. I mean he disappears once a month, is ill a lot of the time, and won’t tell anyone why. Use Germ X after class, kids…and leave some chocolate on the desk for this boi.

Yes, yes, I know I spelled her name wrong in the meme, get off my back. It’s about the easiest name to spell right next to Mykew Gregorovitch.

Does he look like a Cornish Pixie or what? He certainly has the IQ of one.

If 2020 was a person…I’m not wrong and you know it.

Words of wisdom we should be wise enough to keep in mind. Hate and despair cannot be fought with hate and despair. These things can only be overcome with love.

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