Gryffindors And Their Bad Days

Gryffindors have complex personalities, just like the rest of the Hogwarts Houses. Besides being brave and true, they are also headstrong and ambitious. They often expect too much of themselves but never appreciate the little things. Gryffindors live higher paced lives than the other Houses and can easily miss the little things in life. They too often envision the big picture but overlook the significance of the now. They are quick to resent, rarely relent, and judge situations quickly. But when given insights, they readily accept truth and positivity. Here is what a normal day looks like for a typical Gryffindor…

A soft rustling woke Seamus Finnigan up, which was not unusual. He didn’t have to look outside his four poster to know what the noise had been. Ron and Harry were sneaking out…again. Seamus, Dean, and Neville had all gotten way over stopping them after four years of school together. 

Several whispers, recognizably Harry and Ron’s voices, could be heard. Seamus sat up. Had Dean been woken up? Probably. Once he heard the footsteps, followed by the door closing, he sat up and moved one of his curtains. 

An idea, not brilliant but not bad either occurred to him and he smirked. Swinging his legs off the bed, and stretching for a second, he grabbed a pillow and crept over to Dean’s four poster. 

The sound of soft snoring was coming from the other side of the room and Seamus sent Neville a quick apology before-

Seamus ripped open the curtains as fast as he could and raised the pillow into the air, ready to slam it across Dean’s sleeping form. However, he wasn’t quick enough. 

Aguamenti!” Seamus’ best friend’s voice was audible just before water shot straight at his face. 

Seamus yelped and brought up a hand in an attempt to guard himself from the water, but it was too late. He was soaked. 

Dean laughed loudly and Seamus cursed. They had been in the same perpetual prank wars for two years, and Dean always seemed to get the upper hand. 

“Could you let me get one on you once, mate?” Seamus said, starting to chuckle as he shook his head violently, sending water drops across the room.

Dean threw the pillow Seamus had dropped back at him. “And miss that stupid look on your monkey face? Never.”

“Guuuyssss,” came Neville’s sleepy moan from his bed.

“Sorry, Neville!” Dean and Seamus said together, laughing and not sorry at all.

Breakfast was a dull affair. There were no good subjects to look forward to, like Defense Against the Dark Arts or Charms. History of Magic was on Seamus’ schedule followed by Double Potions…yay. And even worse, he hadn’t seen a single Quidditch match let alone a single broomstick since the World Cup (Go Lynch!).

“I miss Quidditch,” he grumbled as he swallowed his toast. 

Dean rolled his eyes, “I know, you’ve told me only a hundred times.”

“Well, I do!” 

“The Triwizard Tournament is ten times as exciting as Quidditch-“

“Bite your tongue!” Seamus interrupted, scandalized. 

Dean didn’t bother to finish, knowing Seamus was not one to back down. Instead he waved at someone over Seamus’ shoulder. 

“Hey, Ginny!”

Don’t come over, don’t come over, don’t come over! Seamus repeated in his head. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t like Ginny. She was dead nice and worth a good laugh, but Dean had gotten into the habit of inviting her into every single conversation and it was a bit annoying. A lot annoying. Very annoying. Forget it, he was livid about it these days.

Ginny obviously wasn’t a legilimens, seeing as she didn’t hear Seamus’ mental cry for her to ignore them. That or she just didn’t care.

“Hey Dean, hey Seamus,” she walked over and caught sight of Lee Jordan, who was sitting next to them. “Lee,” she nodded politely.

“Hey, Ginny,” Seamus said in a monotone. 

Dean didn’t notice the unenthusiastic voice, but Ginny did. Because of course.

She smirked, “Bad morning, Seamus?”

Seamus couldn’t help but smile. Ginny was a sport. “You’d be in a bad mood to if you were having Quidditch withdrawals.”

“Tell me about it!” She said, sitting next to him, across from Dean, and grabbing a nearby croissant. “And I was going to try out for the team this year.”

“Really?” Dean asked, interested. 

Ginny nodded but said no more, choosing to eat her food. Lee decided to join the conversation in her silence. 

“Keeper, right? You were going to try for Keeper now that Wood’s gone?”

Seamus considered Ginny as a Keeper. He couldn’t see her as a Keeper. A Seeker, maybe, but Harry was already the perfect Seeker and that was something no Gryffindor would deny.

Ginny nodded but shrugged her shoulders in response to Lee. “Ron would have killed me though. He’s wanted to be on the team ever since Harry got in in their first year. It’s a Weasley tradition, being on the team.”

Lee nodded, then said. “But you could break that seeing as your-“ 

Seamus and Dean both turned their heads to him. Rest In Peace, he thought as he crossed his chest as if rebuking something sacrilegious. Ginny’s eyes turned to slits, daring Lee to day another word.

“Since you’re the YOUNGEST!” Lee finished in defense to Seamus, Dean’s, and now Ginny’s own (frankly frightening) look. “I was going to say since you are the youngest!”

Dean started laughing and Seamus shook his head. Ginny continued to look daggers at Lee, who had ducked his head down. 

Once finished eating, Seamus said his goodbyes to the others and set off back to the dormitories. Dean, though he had finished his plate, stayed, animatedly talking with Ginny about the Weird Sisters. 

It was bound to happen sometime, his best friend finding a girl’s attention more engaging than his own. He was pretty sure Harry, who kept company mostly with Ron and Hermione Granger, didn’t realize he was the third wheel in their group. 

He let the reverie pass. He wasn’t one to hold Dean’s crush against him. His only worry was that Dean would talk Quidditch with Ginny instead of himself.

“Parkinson and Patil…Goyle and Thomas…Granger and Brown…” Professor Snape’s drawl echoed around the silent and dark dungeon walls, listing off pairs of students to work on the day’s overly complicated potion. “Malfoy and Weasley…” 

Seamus heard Ron, who stood next to him, curse. Better you than me, he thought, smiling a little guiltily as Ron picked up his potion ingredients and cauldron and went to where Malfoy was sitting. He cast a gloomy look back at the Gryffindor’s as Malfoy began to mutter something to Ron that they couldn’t hear. 

“Finnegan and…Mr. Potter.”

Snape took a good twenty seconds to drown out the last two words, glaring at Harry all the while. Seamus groaned. Next to Malfoy, Harry was the worst partner to have in Potions. 

It wasn’t that Harry wasn’t a good friend, quite the contrary when he wasn’t getting into trouble, but he wasn’t the best student. Especially in Potions. Snape and Harry had their own special civil war and more often than not, innocent Gryffindors got caught in the crossfire. Usually Ron.

Being paired with Harry was a sure way to get points taken from you by Snape, a minimum of twenty per lesson. The chances of detention were raised by a whopping sixty percent. On top of that, Harry was dead awful at Potions so any effort was basically pointless.

“Hey Seamus,” Harry greeted, not really looking at him as he unloaded his cauldron.

“Hey-ya, Harry,” Seamus replied, slightly awkwardly. 

They started out in silence, writing down Snape’s instructions on their pieces of parchment. Seamus missed a few of the steps that Snape had said too quickly. He wasn’t about to ask him to repeat it. Hopefully, one of the Slytherins would ask.  Alas, no such luck. 

“Hey, Harry, did you catch what we do after simmering the toad’s brains?” He asked in an undertone as the rest of the students in the dungeon began to heat their cauldron’s.

Harry looked up, as if interrupted from a reverie. “What?” He asked.


Ever since he had somehow snuck his name into the Goblet of Fire (Seamus and Dean were still debating how he did it), Harry was distracted all the time. It wasn’t as if he had been the most social person to begin with, but now chances of talking to him was slim to none if your name wasn’t Ron or Hermione.

Out of the corner of his eye, Seamus noticed Hermione and Lavender Brown. Hermione was standing over the hot cauldron, hair wild, and concentrating as she carefully added a few drops of this and a dash of that. Lavender meanwhile was sitting nowhere near her partner, and reading something under the table. Witch Weekly if Seamus were to guess.

“And what…is…this?” 

The potion master’s voice made Seamus drop the dried mandrake leaves he had been holding. He didn’t have time to answer before Harry’s defiant voice came from beside him.

“Sleeping Draught, Professor,” the disdain in his voice dripped of dislike. Seamus glanced around for the nearest escape route.

“Really?” Answered Snape skeptically. “A Sleeping Draught contains the bark of aspen and is never heated beyond boiling point. Now, tell me Mr. Potter, is this a Sleeping Draught?”

Silence hung in the air. Seamus caught Dean’s eye and his friend mouthed “uh oh” from across the room. 

“We’re not done yet, sir,” Seamus cringed at Harry’s sarcasm.

“Is…that…so…?” The pauses between Snape’s words felt like walking up to the gallows. “If you and Mr. Finnegan are so…confident in your abilities…” His dark eyes fell on Seamus who forced a weak smile. “Twenty points will be taken from Gryffindor if this potion is not perfection by the end of the lesson.”

“How are we supposed to get the potion right if you don’t even teach us properly?” The words came out of Seamus’ mouth before he could stop them. 

Snape’s eyes burrowed into him. The following silence was worse than the previous one, stretching into a thousand eternities. 

Finally, Snape broke the tension. “Ten points from Gryffindor for you and Potter’s insolence, Mr. Finnegan.”

And, uncannily like a giant bat, Snape turned and trod away to torment Hermione and Lavender next.

“Brilliant day, just brilliant!” Seamus groaned, falling into his crimson coloured comforter. “Water in the face, no Quidditch, and thirty points down. Just brilliant.”

“What you on about?” Dean asked.

Seamus looked at him. “What do you mean what am I talking about? Forget Harry’s Horntail, my day has been the worst day in the history of bad days.” 

Dean didn’t answer, merely shrugged and dumped out his school bag on his bed. Neville however, walked over. 

“Bad day, huh?” He asked curiously.

Seamus rolled his eyes. “Yeah.”

Neville nodded, his brow creased as if pondering something. Seamus didn’t second guess it, just ignored him.

After a little while, Neville said, “Ginny told me you talked with her about Quidditch at breakfast.”

Seamus sat up, “When did you talk to Ginny?”


“Wow…I didn’t think you could talk to girls, Neville.”

Neville smiled a little, embarrassed. “Ginny said she didn’t think you liked her before today. But talking Quidditch with you made her feel like a friend.”

Seamus blinked and opened his mouth to say something but Neville continued.

“And Harry wasn’t singled out in Potions today because you talked back to S-Snape,” Neville stuttered over the name slightly. For a moment, Seamus thought about Neville’s Boggart-Snape from when Professor Lupin was their teacher. “I mean…you did loose Gryffindor points but it would have happened anyway, right?” 

Seamus thought about this. He looked up at Neville with a smile. The other smiled back. 

“And what about when Dean and I woke you up? What’s the upside to that one?” Seamus asked.

Neville considered this. “At least I wasn’t the one who got Aguamentied in the face.”

Seamus and Neville both laughed and Dean joined in, even though he had no idea what the two had been talking about.

“Never a dull day in Gryffindor, aye?” Seamus chuckled as he sat down on his bed again and blew out the lights.

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