Harry potter During COVID

In the midst of all the virus and monomania, I found myself where I usually do…in a Harry Potter book. I’ve always had a knack for levity, a word which here means the ability to break serious tension with humor. So of course, I made Harry Potter memes during a pandemic. There are just some times when you need to laugh rather than cry.

Every boy in the Goblet of Fire movie adaption be looking like the IRL boys in quarantine…honestly did Sirius set a trend or what?

This one is me. I never thought of myself as the “mom friend” before corona. Now I force my friends to wash their hands all the time and carry vanilla scented hand sanitizer and three masks in my purse…just in case.

Please, please, please do NOT listen to mainstream media! Like…I know most people have grown up watching and trusting TV but…blimey, mate…don’t be a Pansy Parkinson.

COVID isn’t a joke…until Malfoy gets it. šŸ˜‚

Two months into COVID I was so done with corona this and the virus that. Who wasn’t just done with it? Fear shouldn’t rule anyone’s life…but safety and fellowship can.

Neville is my boy. Though he is often portrayed as a wimp, the guy can think for himself and make wise decisions. He a good boy. šŸ˜‡

Wrackspurts. Need I say more?

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