Ravenclaws and Their Bad Omens

Ravenclaws are honestly the most frustrating House. They are haughty but have low self esteem. They are intelligent but ignorant. They are witty yet dull. Why this walking talking contradiction? Because they can talk the talk but it takes a lot of effort and insight for them to walk the walk. Like Slytherins, they often put unreasonable expectations on themselves. But unlike Slytherins, they are often discouraged when they do not immediately reach their goals or live up to their hopes. Ravenclaws need opposing personalities to keep them in check, though they will never admit it nor seek it. Luckily, when given facts and evidence they will work hard to change themselves or their situation. Ravenclaw’s curiosity and intelligence tend to give them days like this…

“Sybill, maybe this isn’t such a good idea-“

“Worry not! We are almost there!”

“But if we get caught…”

“Then it’s as the Fates want it to be and who are we to deny Fate?”

“At least let me give us a little light…I can’t see a thing.”

“As you wish, Pandora.”

A white light filled the narrow stairway the two girls where climbing. Sybill was in the lead, her eyes looking wistfully in the air at nothing in particular. Pandora followed close behind, her wand aloft, looking over her shoulder occasionally.

“Sybill…” Pandora implored one more time, though rather half heartedly. She had been friends with Sybill Trewlaney for six years and knew that changing her mind about anything was a difficult task. It was a Ravenclaw trait.

Sybill broke into a wide smile as the staircase opened up to to the entrance of the Astronomy Tower’s open air turret. “Behold!” She cried ecstatically.

The night was clear of clouds and haze. The black sky was dotted with stars, stretching out as far as the eye could see. Sybill and Pandora stood beneath the endless sheet of dappled white high above them, starring at the wide expanse.

“Pandora, your wand,” Sybill whispered urgently, still looking upward.

“Nox,” muttered Pandora, putting out her wand’s light.

The silence lasted only a moment. In an instant, Sybill rushed to the nearest telescope. She pushed her large spectacles up, to rest on top of her voluminous hair. She looked into the scope quizzically, swiveling the mechanics around purposefully.

Sybill heard Pandora nearby, breathing just over her shoulder. She payed her no mind, however, and concentrated on the heavens.

“Hey, there’s Sirius!” Pandora’s voice said. “Or is that Venus? I can never tell the difference.”

“One is a planet, the other is a star, there is quite a large difference, my dear.” Sybill replied, not taking her eye away from the telescope.

“More like one is a planet, the other is a mischievous Gryffindor,” Pandora laughed. Her voice was farther away now. She had probably taken a seat on the stone ledge. “I was talking to Xenophilius the other day and he said that Black had-“

Sybill gasped suddenly, halting Pandora’s words.

“What? What is it?”

Sybill shook her head mournfully. “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…”

“Sybill, what is it? What do the stars say?”

“Nothing good, no, nothing good at all!” Sybil’s voice was hollow. “I should have known…the omens are ill indeed…”

She sat up and pulled her glasses back down on to the bridge of her nose. Shaking her head, she said, “Ever mysterious…”

“What is? What’s going to happen?” Pandora asked, not quite as urgently as before.

“The thing we all fear most…”

Pandora looked at Sybill with awe, as if this explained everything. Both glanced up at the stars.

“I wish I could read the future, Sybill,” said Pandora, her face unreadable (mostly because it was so dark.)

Sybill looked at her friend, her mystical manner dropped slightly. “We each have our own gifts. It is unwise to underestimate ones own talents wishing for something more.”

“Look who’s talking.”

Both Sybill and Pandora spun around, looking for who had spoken, for it had not been either of them. Then out of the darkness came the outline of three boys; two extremely tall and one who was rather short.

Pandora put a hand on her hips, but was smiling all the same, “James Potter, I’ll tell McGonogall on you!”

Sirius Black barked with laughter, “And get busted for breaking curfew yourself? Prefects aren’t that thick…no offense, Moony.”

Remus Lupin grinned sheepishly and waved the comment aside.

Sybill frowned grumpily at this lack of respect for her and her friend. She snapped back, “You would not be so flippant if you knew what I had see in your future, Black.” She crossed her arms and looked haughtily away.

The Gryffindor rolled his eyes, “I do know, actually. Last time you read my palm you told me I would spend half my life in prison and die young. A real ray of sunshine you are.”

“I cannot rewrite the future, I can only see it.”

“Burn,” muttered James, biting back a smile. Sirius elbowed him in the ribs.

“Come on, Sybill, there just making trouble,” said Pandora as she reached for her friends hand.

Remus cleared his throat and said matter of factly, “I believe the phrase is ‘up to no good’ not ‘making trouble.’”

The other two with him laughed. Pandora continued to attempt to drag Sybill away but she stood her ground.

She pulled down her glasses and pursed her lips. “And what is that supposed to mean?” She was no longer putting an airs. “What did you mean when you said ‘look who’s talking?’”

“Sybill…” said Pandora warningly.

James shrugged as he folded up a piece of blank parchment he had been holding. “I mean, we all know your fortune telling us a load of hogwash, so who are you to tell Pandora-what was it?” He did a crude imitation for Sybill’s voice, “‘It is unwise to underestimate ones own talents wishing for something more.’ Ravenclaws can sure preach it yet never practice it.”

Sybill was highly affronted and she countered, angrily, “My great-great-grandmother was the celebrated Cassandra Trewlaney! She was the greatest Seer in a century!”

“Doesn’t mean you are too. You could have different gifts and your missing out on ‘em.”

Pandora cringed and glanced at Sybill, who was fuming. James opened his mouth to say something more but was interrupted by Remus.

“Let off her, James, she hasn’t done anything terrible,” he muttered.

James adjusted his glasses and shrugged again. He turned to Sirius and Remus. “Anyway, back to work, boys!”

“What are you doing?” Pandora asked.

“You’ll see next Astronomy lesson!” Sirius chuckled with a wink at his friends.

Pandora rolled her eyes and pulled Sybill away. This time, she allowed herself to be steered, though still seething.

Despite the little sleep Sybill had that night, she rose in time to eat some toast for breakfast and go to her classes. She paid vague attention in lessons. These were not so very important to her. Now, Divination, that was worth the investment.

Her fellow Ravenclaws focused their intelligence on too wide of a spectrum, she thought. No, it was better to invest all your time end energy into what you knew was of the most importance.

Why should she care for Care of Magical Creatures when it had little to do with foresight? Now, Astronomy and Defense Against the Dark Arts had some roots in Divination and where worth noting.

But why should Pandora invest time in listening to Professor Kettleburn go in about Chimera Ministry of Magic classification when her skills lay in her charms? Charms and Transfiguration were better suited for her.

It isn’t something most people have the sight to understand, she thought to herself, glancing over at the Gryffindors who were joining the Ravenclaws for Astronomy. James Potter and his fan club were amongst them.

Astronomy was being held earlier than usual, seeing as they didn’t have to stargaze. Pandora leaned over to Sybill and whispered in her ear, “Do you think they hexed the Tower?”

“I don’t think, I know,” she rapped her glasses knowingly and Pandora nodded.

Coming down the Astronomy Tower steps were the fourth year Slytherins and Hufflepuffs. One of the Slytherins, Black’s younger brother, passed by them and called scornfully, “Very mature, Sirius. Did you and Potter think that one up all by yourselves or did you consult a joke book?”

Sybill saw Sirius’ usual charming grin fall as he walked past and ignored his brother.

“What did they do up there?” Quirinus Quirrell asked from just behind Sybill and Pandora.

“Why should we care?” inquired Pandora, having overheard him. “Right, Sybill?”

“Indeed. Those of standards need not consort with the melancholy deeds of the undeserving.”

“Thank you kindly!” Yelled James, taking a low bow and making the Gryffindors laugh. He earned a slap in the back of the head from Lily Evans, making the Gryffindors heckle even louder, Sirius and Peter Pettigrew in particular.

The Ravenclaw’s on the other hand, rolled their eyes and turned their noses away, save Pandora who was trying her best not to giggle.

Once at the Tower, there was nothing all that peculiar in sight. However, Filch the caretaker was doing something odd with the telescopes and was becoming increasingly frustrated. Halfway through the lesson, the Astronomy professor told him to give it up. “I’m sure Flitwick will sort it out after his classes.”

Curiosity nipped at Sybill. What had happened to the telescopes? She and many of the other Ravenclaws attempted to eavesdrop into the Gryffindor’s whispered conversations or sneak a look at the telescopes in question. Finally, the were supplied with a sufficient answer.

“Lockhart,” Sybill muttered to Gilderoy, “I believe you know something of this hexing business…I can see it in your eyes.”

“My eyes?” Gilderoy asked confused. Then he smiled brightly, “Do they look good?”

“They look enlightened-“

“So spill it,” Pandora finished, less elegantly than Sybill would have put it.

Gilderoy grinned superiorly, “As a matter of fact, I overheard Evans talking to Potter about the telescopes, she tends to speak very loudly as most passionate women do, I know this because-well,” his grinned widened, “Its not for a gentleman to say, now is it?”

Pandora looked as exasperated as Sybill felt but they listened to Gilderoy nevertheless.

“And she was saying something about him being childish and rude, and apparently the telescopes are jinxed.”

“As I predicted,” Sybill nodded.

“But what do the telescopes do? Attack whoever looks through them?”

Gilderoy shook his head, “No, indeed. If you look in the telescope a message writes itself in the clouds or stars. Quite clever Magic, though I could have pulled it off much better, if I do say so myself-“

“Gilderoy!” Pandora and Sybill groaned, frustrated. “What does the message say?”

He coughed for dramatic effect before announcing, “‘Missing: Snivillus’ Shampoo.’”

Sybill’s eyes, magnified by her large glasses, blinked.

“That’s it?” asked Pandora. “Really? That’s all?”

A frown fluttered across Gilderoy’s face, disappointed that the two girls weren’t impressed with his tale. He shrugged and turned away.

“Well, that was disappointing.”

“As things usually are.”

“You’re not taking the Potter boy seriously, are you?”

Sleep had almost overtook Sybill when Pandora said this unexpectedly. She moved aside her four poster curtain and saw her friend sitting on the edge of her bed and looking her way.

“I mean,” Pandora continued, “You don’t think he was right about you not being a Seer…right?

“Of course not!” Sybill said. “I wouldn’t trust Potter as far as I could throw a crystal ball.”

Pandora nodded, approvingly. “Good because your far to talented to doubt yourself.”

They stayed silent for a little while before Sybill asked, “Do you really think I’m talented?”

“Obviously! How else would you have known about the flu going around in October? Or that Hufflepuff would win the House cup? Or that the last Quidditch match would end in a tie?”

Sybill smiled as her friend praised her foresight.

“…and of course I don’t want Black to die young but him ending up in prison is probable now isn’t it?” Pandora nodded, satisfied with her insight. “So don’t doubt yourself for a single second.”

“As you say,” Sybill grinned.

“Promise?” Pandora double checked.


After Sybil was sure that the other Ravenclaw girls were asleep, she took out her wand and a leather bound book. She flipped through pages full of her own writing until she found a blank page. She carefully dipped a quill in a well of ink on her bedside table and began to write.

Mystic Entry n. 312

     What is foresight? Is it the ability to predict the future? Or is it the confidence in what one knows to be true for the future? If the former, what hope might present itself with such dark days ahead? If the latter, shouldn’t Divination be widespread? Might it be? Might all beings have a feeling of surety that the future will hold both trials and promises? Is it merely the question of if said being can touch that faith and live in it? 

Thoughts to meditate on.

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5 thoughts on “Ravenclaws and Their Bad Omens

  1. Will a Ravenclaw (in this case Sybill) ever answer a question the first time asked? Love Sybil’s explanations in this passage and her foreshadowing or should I say prediction for Siri’s? Couldn’t wait to see what the three boys were up to. Great job 👍🏻Kept me reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I don’t know what is up with Ravenclaws…maybe because I am one. Sybill’s prediction for Sirius was honestly my favorite part to write, even if it was in slightly bad taste.


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