Free Wizarding School Charades

In my Celebrate Back To Hogwarts post, my friends and I played my Wizarding School Charades (*cough* Harry Potter *cough*.) The 55 charade cards each have a Harry Potter character listed for the player to mime for their friends to guess, as well as a illustrative representation of the character and a quote said by or about said character.

The charade cards are split into three decks; easy, medium, and hard. The easy deck is free for download below. The medium and hard deck, which I recommend only to REAL Harry Potter fans, are available on Etsy. Click here to view and purchase.

There are two ways this game can be played. For a friendly game among acquaintances, simply take turns and choose whether to keep score or not. Now, if you are like me and adore winning, I suggest being more competitive. Break up into teams, varied on how many people you are playing with. Each team takes a turn. The player acting cannot show their card to their teammates!!! The rest of the team attempts to guess the character in the time limit of a minute. If the teammates fail, another team gets the chance to guess and claim the card.

Bet you can’t guess as many as me!

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