Celebrate Back To Hogwarts

The most wonderful time of the year! Steam rolling onto Platform 9 3/4, watching this years Sorting, hearing the Headmaster’s beginning of term speech, and eating the celebration feast in the Great Hall. What could be better than going back to Hogwarts each September?

Those wizards and witches who have left Hogwarts can celebrate back to school. Even Muggles and Squibs (God bless ‘em) can have their part in the festivities. And it all starts with-


What’s more festive than everyone’s favorite drink? I made a vinyl Three Broomsticks sticker (available for purchase in here) and placed them on beer mugs from the Dollar Tree. My guests took these mugs home as a souvenir. Make your Butterbeer at home with this simple recipe.

-Cream soda
-Butterscotch syrup
-Whipped cream

Depending on the number of guests you are entertaining, you may need one bottle of cream soda or fifteen. The basic formula is 1/2 c. butterscotch syrup to every liter of soda. Top with whipped cream and butterscotch and you have transfigured Muggle food into a delicious butterbeer.

The biggest problem when people get together is the awkwardness. No one wants the Houses to form cliques. You know, Gryffindors hogging the snack table while the Hufflepuffs are sitting quietly on the sofa and the Slytherins sit in the shadowy corner.

Obviously, an icebreaker is needed. At my own Back to Hogwarts party, we played Wizarding School Charades. The game cards and rules are available for download here. Several add on packs will be able to be purchased on Etsy, so be watching for that owl!

My friends and I had a blast playing this. The best part is none of my friends really knew each other but by playing this, any tension was obliviated!

Hoping your Back To Hogwarts party is fun and full of life!

What is your Hogwarts House? I would love to see pics of your own Back To Hogwarts party!

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