Operation G.I.F.T.

Give the gift of giving.

Internationally, teenage girls are missing the quality of life they deserve. This Christmas, that can change. But we need your help. Here is your chance give, get, and give again.

How to give

When you purchase Operation G.I.F.T. items on Etsy, you are donating hygiene items, school supplies, and Christmas presents to girls internationally. Every $20 is enough to donate a full box to a teenage girl.


I have the pleasure of volunteering at the Samaritan’s Purse warehouse in Dallas, sending out thousands of boxes to points unknown. But while there are a surplus amount of boxes for children and boys, the boxes for teen girls were severely lacking. I am trying to change that but I need your help.

Give the gift of giving

In exchange for your donations, you your own Christmas presents in return! Let your friends and family know that them getting presents this year helped give to a child in need. You can buy your Operation G.I.F.T. products here.

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Thank you so much for helping make me give teen girls the gifts they need! This is the Christmas that we help girls change their lives by providing items they deserve and the hope they need. Thank you again!

Scarlett Mc.